Parental control facilitates the monitoring of students by their parents or tutors and is an essential element for monitoring progress in an online course. Therefore, CAE Computer Aided USA Corp. ( has updated the process of registering students in the Dexway language courses with the incorporation of a new parental control system.

Parental supervision in Dexway courses

Dexway parental control makes it possible to assign supervisors to user accounts. This allows them to check the progress and performance of the students at all times. With this function, parents can check the progress of their children, although centers can use it for any other type of inspection needed.

Each student can have up to two supervisors. If two or more students have the same supervisor, they become sibling contacts, so that parents or tutors can check them out from the same register.

parental control Dexway courses

The new functionality in the Dexway language courses is now available for all 100% self-training versions, blended learning and laboratories. Moreover, it is very easy to use. The training center assigns supervisors at the time of the enrollment. They can also assign them at any later time through the educational platform (LMS, Learning Management System). Once registered, they can log in, choose a student (if they supervise more than one) and access the student’s progress information. They can also see all the notes made by their teachers.

Parental supervision adds up to the latest developments in Dexway courses, such as the gamification system, the exclusive design for minors, the new Master Classes or the K-12 courses, associated with to the education of students in regulated education centers.


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