Voice Recognition for language learning

Pronunciation is key when it comes to learning a new language as it leads to better communication. The Dexway voice recognition system is the most complete and reliable on the market for pronunciation evaluation.

Our voice recognition technology for language learning identifies students spoken language and uses a colour-code to indicate where pronunciation needs to be improved. Furthermore, your voice is recorded so that you can listen to it before moving on to the next exercise.

Voice recognition for language learning characteristics: leader in online learning

Voice recognition for language learning

Colour system to correct the pronunciation

A color code is used to indicate whether a student’s pronunciation is correct and where there is room for improvement. The exercises can be repeated until the correct pronunciation has been achieved.

StudentS compare their voice with a native

The speech recognition software records a student’s voice so they can hear their own voice and then compare it with that of a native speaker.

Real-Time Feedback

Our speech recognition technology identifies in real-time the words that students pronounce throughout the course, and it highlights them so that they know where they need to improve their pronunciation.


With Dexway LMS and our voice recognition for language learning, students can record free speaking activities and then send them to their tutor. After that, tutors can give students either a written or oral evaluation.

Voice recognition for language learning

Speech recognition for pronunciation improvement

This type of automatic speech recognition software helps learners to improve their pronunciation in a systematic manner, and it does so objectively.

By themselves, learners cannot correct their pronunciation. However, with the assistance of a speech recognition system, they can practice on their own without relying on a tutor to correct them. What’s more, the precise feedback from Dexway’s voice recognition software allows students to know exactly where there is room for improvement. This way, they can focus on the areas that need more practice.

This dynamic speech recognition tool is included in Dexway language courses, which also include:

Speech recognition for pronunciation improvement

24/7 Online Community of students

Apps for smartphones, tablets and PCs, making it possible to continue with the courses even when you’re offline (Windows, Android, iOs and Mac)

Gamification: with stars, trophies, medals and rankings between the students in the same group

Study Planner, with calendar
Dexway Analytics, detailed view of the specific objectives that each course aims to achieve
Parental control, for parental supervision in Dexway courses
Certificates, at the end of a Dexway course (custom)
Student Manual, available for download in PDF
Flash cards, books, dictionaries: different materials so students can practice as long as they wish


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