Voice Recognition for language learning

Pronunciation is key when it comes to learning a new language, as it leads to better communication. Dexway voice recognition system integrates the most complete and reliable voice recognition for language learning and pronunciation evaluation system of the market.

With Dexway Method, language learning is much simpler and efficient thanks to the language immersion it provides. The student learns the language speaking like a native and learning in a personalized way from 0 to 100% of the matter.

Our voice recognition for language learning technology identifies the words you are saying, and through a colour system, you know exactly where you should improve your pronunciation skills. Furthermore you’ll always see your progress with our statistic panel.

Voice recognition for language learning characteristics, leader in online learning

Voice recognition for language learning, real time feedback

StudentS compare their voice with a native

The speech recognition software records the voice of your students so they can hear their own voice and compare it with a native speaker.

Colour system to correct the pronunciation

Through a colour system, the exercise automatically indicates if the student is speaking correctly and in what part of the sentence or word he or she must improve.

Real-Time Feedback

Our speech recognition technology identifies in real-time the words that the students pronounce throughout the course, and it highlights them so that the students know where they need to improve their pronunciation.


With Dexway LMS and our voice recognition for language learning, students can also express themselves freely and send their own speech to the tutors. After that, you will be able to evaluate the exercise in writing or voice.


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