SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. It is a set of rules that allows us to pack the digital content that we want to be part of our course and display it in the correct order on the learning platform. The main advantage of this format is that it is shareable with other training platforms that comply with the SCORM standard and we do not have to rely on proprietary formats. However, this is not the only benefit the SCORM format provides to our language courses.

El formato SCORM le ayuda en sus cursos de idiomas.

What benefits does the SCORM format bring to language courses?


# 1 Content adaptability

The SCORM format allows you to display any content on your learning platform. This means that the contents are actually independent of the platform on which we incorporate them. Therefore, we can change LMS (Learning Management System) without losing our content. A SCORM compatible platform allows you to host any course without having to create it within it.

# 2 Reusability of content

Reusability is another benefit offered by SCORM. This format allows us to use content that already exists, so we do not need to develop each training from scratch. In addition to greatly shortening production times, we can achieve better quality and content update, since it is possible to improve what already exists. For example, if we want to develop B2-level review content, we can take some of the explanations and exercises of a B1 course that we already have. That is, we can update or reuse the contents for another context. Moreover, it is also possible to create lessons that combine components created for other platforms.

# 3 Customized tracking

The SCORM format is an optimal solution to keep a personalized follow-up of a group of students at a glance. The learning management platform records the way in which the student interacts with the content,and this way, the tutor or manager can see a lot of very relevant information for the training. For instance, the tutor can check which students participate in the course and with what frequency, the results of assessments, the messages they leave in the forums or the lessons that take longer.

# 4 Durability of material

Technology advances so fast that it can easily become obsolete. Thanks to its specifications, the SCORM format guarantees that the contents created will continue to be valid in the future. It prevents technological obsolescence and we can make the most out of the investment of time and resources dedicated to its creation. In this way, we can start using online lessons as a complement to face-to-face training and increase the weight of online training later on. We will be reusing content and making more profit out of the time spent creating the material.

# 5 Scalability of courses

Having the contents of a course in SCORM format makes them scalable. We can add more content and expand its functions, i.e. making it support a greater number of users or integrating a student community. By making our materials scalable, we increase the return on investment.

# 6 Cost reduction

The obvious consequence of SCORM benefits is cost reduction. Having adaptable, reusable, scalable, durable, platform-independent content, allows reducing the time and resources, both human and material, allocated to them.


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