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Dexway Authorig Tool

Dexway Authoring Tool is an advanced editing tool which allows schools (K-12), high education centers and universities to personalize the teaching content of Dexway language courses to adapt it to their area of interest or specific needs.

Also, create and edit language courses from scratch with the help of templates and samples that will make the task so easy!

Dexway Language Course Creation and Customisation Authoring Tool

It is an e-learning content creation tool for languages, with which to create, customize and publish your Dexway online language courses in a few steps, without technical knowledge

What can you do with Dexway Authoring Tool?


More than 15 pedagogically proven exercise templates to create your courses from scratch with the platform for creating online courses. Add your images, your videos and your learning objectives. The tool has sample exercises to help you quickly learn how to develop your materials. Create your own methodology with interactive, effective and entertaining content.


The platform for creating online courses allows you to easily customize your Dexway courses: add or delete activities or lessons, change their order, edit examples, replace images.

The goal is that you can customize Dexway courses according to the curriculum of your educational entity, institution or training center.

Dexway Authoring Tool Features

Easy-to-use. It does not require any technical knowledge: designed for teachers and tutors

Cloud technology to work on your developments from any connected device

Generate interactive e-learning exercises and activities with self-assessment

Show your exercises on any screen. Fully responsive templates and designs for PCs, smartphones and tablets

Teamwork. It allows collaborative work between several users (shared library), which contributes to enriching the content and dividing the work


Preview. Check the progress of your exercises anytime at the touch of a button


Video tutorials

Connection to free image banks to make it easy to find copyright-free images that you can freely use in your courses

Platform for creating online courses: Dexway Authoring Tool


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