You can contract Dexway with Dexway LMS, the turnkey solution (teaching platform, content, cloud hosting).

Take advantage of all the special features that an LMS (Learning Management System) platform adds to online language courses: you can manage student registrations and content easily, generate evaluation reports, see tutor-student notifications…

Dexway LMS Learning Platform

With the Dexway LMS, our e-learning courses show a modern, modular and completely intuitive look & feel so that students of all ages can quickly distinguish how to navigate between lessons, to start a lesson, to check their performance or engage in a conversation with another student…

Advantages of the LMS/LCMS Dexway option

Personalized Look & Feel in the LMS Learning Platform

online/ Offline Access

Access through the web browser of any device. Also, lessons can be downloaded and then accessed without Wi-Fi. It is necessary to connect at least once every 30 days.

Dexway analytics

It enriches the methodology of the courses by offering teachers and students a more detailed view of the specific objectives that each course aims to achieve.

Additional activities

Dexway courses offer students different additional materials so that they can practice a language for as long as they want, anywhere they want, resulting in a more thorough immersion:

Vocabulary Flash Cards

E-books and magazines




virtual classroom with whiteboard

Video conferencing software specially designed by CAE for online teaching. Your training, available 365 days a year. Combine your face-to-face classes with online classes to get started in blended learning with maximum efficiency and reliability.

It has an API to integrate your subscription for Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Gamification in Dexway with its LMS


Dexway’s continuous gamified assessment establishes a plan for setting objectives, measuring progress, and rewarding achievements to promote competitiveness with dual monitoring to recognize students’ effort with badges.

Know more about gamified learning > 

Dexway Online Community in the LMS Learning Platform

Online Community

Dexway offers the possibility of practicing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the meeting rooms between students, forums message, threads and questions boards.


More advantages of the Dexway LMS educational platform

Management Options

Management of student enrollment, communications and content (only Dexway courses). Reports programmable). 

Customized Look & Feel

Dexway has different personalized themes to differentiate courses for adults, teenagers and children (up to 8 years). Also, teachers and tutors can create their own themes through the LMS and apply them to their courses to show their own personality in each training to their center.


Dexway has developed its own free apps for smartphones, tablets and computers (Windows, Android, iOS and macOS).

Study Planner

Dexway Language Courses incorporate a study planner and a calendar that allows students to calculate how many days per week and how many lessons a day they need to finish a course.



At the end of a Dexway course, the student receives his certificate that certifies the level passed and the grade obtained. Each center can customize its Dexway certificate.

Student Manual

Students download the “Course Manual” through their courses. It reviews all the grammar seen during the interactive exercises. Available in PDF for personal printing.


Additional Activities

Vocabulary, readings, grammar, Collins dictionary…


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