The Dexway method is a solution specifically designed to help teachers and training centers that aim to offer online courses.

Our solution uses what we call the Dexway method

The Dexway method for learning languages ​​is based on student participation in contexts that recreate communication in real situations, systematized in a learning environment that combines multimedia content and live interaction with teachers and other students.

Using the Dexway method, students’ language skills develop naturally, through structured lessons that allow progressive and flexible learning, adapted to the student’s pace. All of this, together with a practice-based approach, makes it easier to assimilate grammatical, lexical and phonetic notions.


Our solutions for Online and In-person training

Dexway is available in different versions that offer the possibility to train your students face-to-face or 100% online. Or whatever you need in between. With the Dexway Online Method and the Dexway In-Person Method your center is covered for any methodology you want to apply in it.

Dexway Online Method

Specifically designed for 100% online training or to be combined with blended learning with one-off classes.

Dexway In Person Method

Designed for face-to-face training in the classroom, following the academic curriculum of the school or center. It can be used 100% in the classroom or as a hybrid, combining interactive exercises with follow-up by the teacher as homework or study for practice at home.

Learning scenarios today are much more dynamic. Different studies have shown that hybrid participatory learning methods, which combine traditional classroom teaching with online learning tools, are significantly more effective than simply face-to-face in front of students.

The Dexway methodology is not only beneficial for students, thanks to Dexway materials and tools, teachers benefit from a deeper insight into their students’ study habits and progression. It also saves them time, reducing the workload related to class preparation and correcting homework.


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