For several months Dexway expanded its catalog with specialized courses for primary and secondary students. Dexway Companion Primary and Companion Secondary are the perfect complement for the regulated classroom education as interactive and multimedia tools that allow teachers to streamline classes. The courses are formed by contents specifically developed for a 360º global education that is interlaced with the rest of the school curriculum.Dexway Courses of Primary

In addition to the content, Dexway has designed these courses with personalized interfaces that, differentiates them from the rest of the general courses, and add colors and images for a more youthful style with which students can feel more identified.


A multicolor palette for Dexway courses of Primary

The introduction of colors was mainly important for Primary, and not only to put a funny note in the courses, but to help the children easily identify each section of the course. In this way, teachers can refer to each area of ​​the course by its color.

The predominant color is a yellow orange. We will find it on the upper bar and in the main information section, to the left of the course. It is the one that contains the percentage of the course, the badges of the gamification, the objectives, and the planner. For the units and the exercises, the blue color has been selected, although the exercises on Dexway courses of Primary that have been completed successfully will appear in green to facilitate navigation for the children.

Primary Course Tablet

The column for additional activities is violet and the icons for photographs have been changed by drawings in the icons section they belong which include (dictionary, karaoke, readings …). These icons correspond to those used in the secondary course.

The messages, in case the teacher uses this functionality, will appear in a fourth column in a reddish color.


New icons for Dexway courses

The secondary courses have a more adult style with all the sections in blue, such as, the Companion range. In addition, the images of the additional activities are pictures.

Another great difference of the secondary courses is found in their contents. High school students have certain lessons that present historical personalities from politics, science or art. Thanks to these lessons, the ideas or achievements of pioneers such as Shakespeare or Gandhi are introduced in class, and teachers have the opportunity to present debates and essays so that students can reflect on them while they test their English in a more transversal way.


Personalized entries and notifications

To celebrate so many changes, the welcome images to access the courses have also been updated. We will find different versions depending on whether we connect to a primary course or another course. Children from 7 to 12 years old have their own personalized entrance which completes a look and feel totally dedicated to them.

Following the styles of the courses, the images that accompany notifications received by mail have also been modified.


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