Dexway APP for Language learning

Flexible learning anytime, anywhere with Dexway apps for iOS, Android, MacOs, and Windows. Available with the Dexway LMS.

Dexway language learning Apps are a good way for students to take their language learning on the go!

Apps are a great way to make studying easy and accessible. In addition, they are an added bonus when it comes to language study. That is why Dexway has developed its own free applications with which to enjoy its language courses on any device:  smartphones, tablets and computers. The apps are compatible with all operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows and MacOs.

Dexway App for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS

Android / iOS / Windows / MacOs

The app can be downloaded from the corresponding online stores for devices with Android, iOS. MacOS, and Windows operating systems.


The student doesn’t need an internet connection to study. Once installed on their computer, they can download the lessons onto their device and carry out the course. The course syncs on all devices, without losing any course progress or test scores.

On the go

Applications are a great mechanism for making learning easy and accessible from any place and at any time. They are the perfect added extra when it comes to language learning.


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