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The best way to use Dexway Language Apps

Dexway language Apps are a good way for students to take their language learning on the go!

Accessible from any tablet, phone, or mobile device, our apps are a very useful tool when reviewing what you learned. The apps make your courses accessible from anywhere at any time and offer complementary resources, but do not replace the experience of Dexway language immersion online courses.

Dexway language Method is available for your tablet / smartphone. Learn American English, British English, Spanish, French or German, with all the advantages Dexway offers.

Experience your online courses right from your mobile device at no additional cost.

Dexway apps benefits: the best language immersion lessons, free speech dialogues which is personally listened to by tutors and corrected through text and voice, speech recognition allows automatic evaluation of pronunciation, track record simultaneously from all teams …

This app is available for access from your Android or iOS mobile device for different types of virtual classroom.

Create tutorials and host virtual classrooms right from your Android or iOS device. Communicate with native speakers or access our Dexway community and talk to other students around the world. Our virtual classrooms include chat, voice and video.