Computer Aided Elearning first introduced the need of applying gamified evaluation in learning procedures a long time ago. It’s even more important to use it in schools and universities, since our young learners are already technological natives, as they’ve used technology since they were born and surprising them is more complicated every day.

The lack of academic interest suffered by many students is possibly due to the difficult challenge that the educational system hasn’t yet fully assumed, which is to adapt to the changes that society has suffered in recent years.

That’s why educational centres have taken the initiative, and little by little are adapting gamification techniques into their teaching methods, based on using game elements within the classroom to let the students to learn in a dynamic, fun and natural way.


Dexway Courses


The real meaning of Gamification

Gamifying a teaching system involves activating the motivation of young learners through curiosity and awakening in them values such as passion, desire of improving, effort and motivation and within this environment have their achievements and progress rewarded.

How do we manage this? Moving the mechanics of games to the educational field. We can use interactive exercises, group dynamics or reward systems.

Introducing these methods, digital tools and e-learning platforms play a crucial role. These reduce the time the teacher uses in administrative duties and focus on the students’ learning experience. Less time to correct exams, more time to plan interactive and challenging classes.


5 benefits of gamified evaluation

#1. Multiplies motivation. By following a dynamic and rewarding system to evaluate our students we encourage them to learn, to improve and win.

#2. Enriches the experience. The overcoming of different challenges and the achievement of goals using a reward system completely changes the traditional evaluation.

#3. It speaks their language. We use technology in the classroom, which provides an instant and personalized feedback for each student.

#4. The reward is unique. We can design personalized rewards to every student according to their progress and skills, improving their development and fostering their personal skills, autonomy and working by individual or group goals.

#5. Promotes values. We favour the feeling of belonging of the students since they will want to collaborate but also be special. They will be more autonomous, more skilled and will learn to work according to a goal.


How does Dexway use gamification?

Recognition and reward must go together in gamification processes. Dexway’s gamified evaluation system combines game-based learning procedures to raise student motivation.

Dexway Companion courses not only do this, but they value both the student’s progress and skills. Using a reward system, we award their behaviour, achievements and mastery of each objective and skill. On the Voluxion platform, these awards come as points, cups and medals, which will help the student to position themselves among their peers.

This is very good way to empower students in self-realization and effort, since they will see the prize for their progress in a language they’re more than used to speak.


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