E-learning Solution for Language Training

The most advanced online language courses. Online, Blended and Language Labs Learning Methods.

Dexway online language courses are a comprehensive elearning solution to complement the language training of education institutions, training centers and partners.

Dexway courses have their own methodology that encourages the concept of “learning by doing”, for this it integrates the latest innovations in technology applied to language learning:

Virtual Classroom

Voice Recognition



Online Community

Study Groups (conversation groups)

With the dexway method, your students will acquire language skills naturally through structured lessons, presented in interactive content that allow progressive and flexible learning, assimilating grammatical, lexical and phonetic notions through practice.

Dexway is available for 8 languages ​​in different versions to develop language skills for specific approaches and goals:

Dexway Academy

Dexway Certificate

Dexway Communicate

Dexway Professional


Dexway Placement Test

Classroom Companion

Dexway English K-12

Dexway Specifics


Dexway Exam Preparation Courses


Dexway Reinforcement test/ Course

Dexway online language courses

You can purchase dexway as a turnkey solution with LMS dexway or SCORM license for your e-learning platform

Dexway has been developed by CAE, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the development of specific content for digital training. These are some of the clients that endorse us:

Clients that endorse us: Mango
Clients that endorse us: CENEST HARVARD
Clients that endorse us: Universitat de Valencia
Clients that endorse us: Telefonica
Clients that endorse us: Leroy Merlin
Clients that endorse us: COBAEP
Clients that endorse us: Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
Clients that endorse us: Comex
Clients that endorse us: BancoMEX
Clients that endorse us: Universidad Politécnica de Chihuahua
Clients that endorse us: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Clients that endorse us: Volkswagen
Clients that endorse us: Inditex
Clients that endorse us: La Salle
Clients that endorse us: Universidad El Bosque
Clients that endorse us: ICA FLUOR
Successful E-learning Solutions for Language Training

Successful E-learning Solutions for Language Training

Language training e-learning solutions have come a very long way since the early days of rote language learning. More and more professionals are seeking to invest their time in learning a new language, and many of them are discovering just how much easier it is to do...