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Schools, universities and higher education centers complement their face-to-face classes with Dexway as review or reinforcement courses or to implement a flipped classroom


More than 5 million students trained worldwide

Dexway offers e-learning solutions for languages ​​with its innovative language-learning methodology for primary, secondary and higher education (K-12 schools, universities and higher education centres). Our methodology has been consolidated over time, becoming an industry benchmark, and the most advanced language-learning solution on the market.

Dexway offers a broad variety of language courses with different formats: face to face, online, blended and language labs. With Dexway language training methodology, educators of secondary, pre-university and higher education provide quality language training to their students. Teachers can complete their language study plan while integrating an interactive language learning method and the most innovative tools and materials in their classes.

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Totally flexible language learning: wherever and whenever the student wants.

100% self-study Dexway courses, with a natural progression from 0 to 100 without any knowledge gaps. Students learn the language like a native speaker does.



The best combination of online teaching and traditional, or face-to-face, teaching to learn languages.

Dexway courses complement classes, tests and pills to homogenise levels within class groups…


Flipped classroom, the blended learning methodology that is triumphing all over the world. Dexway allows you to reverse the order of classes for more practical and effective teaching.

Dexway method ensures language teaching success

Dexway provides educational institutions with a full range of tools for teachers to enrich and customize their classes, while giving students a unique language learning experience through a method that combines different educational formats: language labs, blended learning and online learning.

Training in 8 languages with levels adapted to the CEFR, up to C1.

Academic rigor


Structured content with CEFR objectives


Effective methodology

Learning immersion

Support during the implementation and digital transformation


Tools for teachers

Dexway has more than 40 years of research, development, and innovation of learning language training solutions

Dexway In Person

Within the Dexway catalog, educational institutions can find a hybrid training model with In-person classes and tailored online content for secondary, pre-university, and university students. We work together with management and teaching staff to identify their needs when teaching English as a foreign language. 


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Dexway In Person


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