Dexway Gamification

Games and technology have transcended their traditional scenarios to filter into virtually all areas of life. The e-learning is proof the technology applied to teaching allows us to provide flexibility and mobility to training while making it accessible to a larger number of people, as well as complementing face-to-face classes with interactive and multimedia material.



Gamification in Dexway courses

In Dexway language courses gamification occurs in two different ways: through a system of rewards and in lucid exercises.


#1 Rewards system of Dexway language courses

Students add stars according to the pace at which they progress in the course, the grades they get from each exercise and the partial and final tests. In addition, they can get drinks by doing additional tasks such as practicing with vocabulary flashcards, reading books on the platform or practicing the language in the karaoke section.

Additionally, teachers can set other personalized goals with which students unlock medals.

This allows teachers to design specific challenges for their students based on their preferences or the objectives of the course, and also moves actions in the classroom to the online course with medals that can reward class participation or punctuality.

Students can consult their count of stars, cups, and medals at any time in a section of the course that details why they have been achieved. In addition, Dexway includes classification tables for groups which allows each student to occupy a position in a class ranking that shows their personalized avatar, their username, and the average count of their stars.


#2 Lucid exercises

Among the variety of exercises that Dexway courses present such as filling in gaps pronunciation activities or reordering sentences we find letter soups and crossword puzzles. This type of exercises help the student to apply what they have learned in a relaxed way, learning while having fun.

With the Dexway Authoring Tool, teachers can customize letter soups and crosswords, make extra weekend activities or organize group activities to solve them. The incentives for the teams can be personalized medals, which at the end of the course help to improve the average grade.


Capacity, performance and interest

For Dexway courses both performance and attitude are rewarded in the gamification system.

The performance in the tests and exercises is rewarded with badges and stars but also the attitude that the students demonstrate in their day to day is rewarded. For this purpose, other parameters are included in the evaluation such as the pace at which the course progresses the time devoted to extra activities participation in the online community (forums, conversation groups, message boards).


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