Dexway allows the flexibility and modularity to adapt to your students’ needs.

Choose versions by objectives, methodology or age

Choose and combine the versions that suit your students’ needs best. Depending on their goals, you can opt for the methodology that is most appropriate for their circumstances or age (school, university, worker, etc.). The different versions of Dexway online language courses mean that you can teach languages with flexible timetables and curricular hours. You can select specific topics, use them as companion courses, or focus on different objectives: oral communication, English for work, as a professional skill, etc.

All these versions of the Dexway online language courses are divided into different levels, aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), following the objectives set out there. There are different languages: English UK/USA, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian or Italian. In addition, the courses contain social topics (SDGs), including the environment, sports or economics. There are videos and practical exercises to provide realistic practice in the chosen language, so students learn like a native.

All the Dexway Online Language Courses

Dexway Academy

Dexway Academy courses are structured to develop students’ language skills with an applied communicative approach that prioritizes the key functional aspects of each language.

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These language courses immerse the student in a learning environment that recreates communication through real-world situations. At the same time, learners practice the necessary knowledge and skills (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more) to help them communicate in personal and professional environments using the target language.

English courses up to B1 have specific workbooks with extra exercises that can be used as a complement to the face-to-face classes (blended learning). These workbooks have both individual and collaborative activities and allow additional practice and a review of the course content. All the workbooks are accompanied by their respective Teacher’s Book and answer keys.


Languages and levels available:

  • UK/ US English (dual English), French, Spanish, German.
  • Levels from A1 to C1.


  • Workbook.
  • Teacher’s Book.
  • Teacher’s Pack for Blended Learning.


  • AI Assistant.
  • Final test with speaking and writing evaluated by AI (English only).
  • Proctoring online.
  • Oral and written role-play with AI for extended practice of the topics covered in the lesson(+10h) (English only).

Dexway Certificate

Dexway Certificate courses reach the most advanced level of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) with the most comprehensive course we offer.

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Target language is learned, practiced, and reinforced through real world situations and communication is learned intuitively through several written and oral exercises and real world situations.

The course develops the specific skills of comprehension and expression to provide more robust global communication skills.


Languages and levels available:

  • US/UK English (dual English).
  • Levels from A1 to C1.


  • Writing and speaking evaluated by AI.
  • AI Assistant (virtual tutor).

Dexway Professional

Dexway Professional courses are designed to help students achieve a higher level of language proficiency in general…

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 whilst extending their knowledge in the specific business language used in their professional sector.

Through interactive activities and exercises that model real world scenarios, the student gains language competence through practicing key grammar concepts, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

A focus on comprehension and written expression supports a greater fluency in global communicate skills.

The course lessons will be developed progressively through a series of interactive vocabulary recognition and presentation exercises,  image association, and watching, understanding, and listening to simple dialogues. All this, while learning new subject matter that may help them to succeed in their professional lives or in any business environment.


Languages and levels available:

  • US/UK English (dual version), Spanish.
  • Levels from A1 to C1.


  • Virtual AI tutor – Course assistant to deal with doubts and questions.

Fast English

Fast English is a highly visual course which takes the learner from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate.

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Using video as the main format to present new expressions and structures, the learner sees how the language is used by native speakers, in meaningful contexts, simulating the way we learn our first language – naturally.

The use of video makes the course accessible and entertaining – meaning that learners grasp concepts quickly. There are exercises based on the communicative aspects of the content, rather than the grammar, which is covered in context.

And all this is combined with and accompanied by interactive tasks and exercises with artificial intelligence.

Languages and levels available:

  • UK English
  • Levels from A1 to C1.


  • Writing & Speaking evaluated by AI.
  • AI role-play.
  • Communicative approach: more than 300 situational videos and Masterclasses.
  • SDGs integrated into the lessons.


  • AI Assistant (virtual tutor).

Dexway Classroom Companion

These language courses are especially structured and designed for classroom training (blended learning).

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They develop the students´ linguistic skills by focusing on the curriculum. In other words, prioritizing educational aspects to give language training. Following the CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

The Teacher can create their own “study plan” in Classroom Companion language course by eliminating, adding or altering lessons. Association, repetition and contextualization exercises mean that the student learns while doing . Voice recognition analyses and indicates improvements through a color-coded system. Incorporated access to Collins online dictionary.

Dexway Analytics feature: Monitoring by group and personalized skills, with content suggestions based on student progress.

Study groups in contexts that recreate communication in real world situations. Assimilation of the necessary knowledge and skills naturally and gradually (Grammar concepts, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc).


 Languages and levels available:

  • US/UK English (dual version), French.
  • Levels from A1 to C1.


  • Writing & speaking tasks.


  • Virtual AI tutor – Course assistant to deal with doubts and questions.
  • AI assessment of writing and
    speaking tasks.

Dexway Soft Skills courses

English courses that cover common workplace situations and tasks.

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The courses combine listening and reading comprehension activities with specific vocabulary for these soft skills. Lessons offer strategies for dealing with real-life work situations in English.

Preparing for virtual training sessions, remote work, stress management, ergonomics in the office, digital marketing as well as leadership and motivation, are some of the Dexway Soft Skills Courses.

These courses include Writing and Speaking laboratories evaluated by artificial intelligence, pronunciation tasks evaluated by AI, as well as role-plays with AI. They can be added to Dexway courses, depending on the CEFR level being studied by the student.



  • AI Empowerment, Motivation and Leadership
  • AI English for IT Professionals
  • AI English: Digital Marketing
  • AI English: Stress Management and Ergonomics in the Workplace
  • AI English: Job Interviews
  • AI English: Multitasking
  • AI English: Remote Work and Virtual Training Sessions


  • Writing and speaking tasks with optional AI assessment and feedback.
  • Oral and written role-play with AI for free practice in each of the units.
  • Pronunciation task (optionally evaluated by artificial intelligence optionally).


  • Virtual AI tutor – Course assistant to deal with doubts and questions.

Italiano, Português, Russian

These Dexway version are specially structured courses to develop language skills with a communicative and applied approach, that is, it prioritizes the functional aspects of the language.

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 The student participates in contexts that recreate communication in real situations and assimilates the necessary knowledge and skills (grammatical notions, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.) in a natural and progressive way. This process helps them to succeed in communicating effectively in both personal and professional contexts.

Languages and levels available:

  • Italian, Portuguese (Brazil) (A1-B1) and Russian (A1 and A2).


  • Virtual AI tutor – Course assistant to deal with doubts and questions.


    Short courses that can be used as a complement to other Dexway courses. Offering greater depth in specific areas, according to the needs of your students.

    Dexway Specifics

    Specialized sector modules can be included in Dexway’s English versions (USA/UK), if the educational institution wishes.
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    Catalogue with more than 90 modules in English, Spanish, French and German.


    Available languages ​​and levels:

    • US/UK English, Spanish, German, French.
    • Levels A1 to C1.


    • Virtual AI tutor – Course assistant to deal with doubts and questions.

    Dexway Reinforcement Test & Course

    Main objective: measurement of the knowledge of language students to reinforce those topics they need to improve.
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    These language courses can be used before starting, to consolidate the necessary knowledge at the corresponding level, or at the end of a Dexway course, as a review of the concepts covered.


    Languages and levels available for this language course versions:

    • US/UK English.
    • Level A1 to C1.


    • Initial test by objectives.


    • Virtual AI tutor – Course assistant to deal with doubts and questions.

    Dexway Exam Preparation Courses

    The content of the Dexway official exam preparation courses arrives to the most advanced levels of the CEFR.

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    Students train in given contexts that simulate communication in real situations, thereby, assimilating knowledge in a progressive, natural, way; acquiring key concepts at the same time that they study grammar basics and specific skills. A deeper knowledge of the language is given to help students to prepare for official language exam by offering real online mock tests.

    • TOEFL
    • Cambridge B2 (First Certificate)
    • Cambridge C1 (Advanced) 

    Dexway course + Exam Preparation Courses:

    • English Dexway Certificate B2
      + B2 First Exam Preparation
    •  English Dexway Certificate C1
      + C1 Advanced Exam Preparation


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