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Dexway Resources: eBOOKS

The Success of blended learning (dexway resources)

Blended Learning

Discover why B-Learning is the teaching model which obtains the best results.

Elearning platforms eBook

E-Learning platforms

Discover how e-learning platforms have a positive impact on the educational process.

Station Rotation Lab (dexway resources)

Success Stories

Discover in this ebook everything that you must know about rotation labs.

Language Labs (eBook)

Language Labs: Multiplying the options for linguistic immersion

Language Labs and How They Have Changed with Online Language Courses.

Flipped Classroom eBook (dexway resources)

Advantages of a Flipped Classroom for a face-to-face teaching

What is Flipped Classroom? How is it developed in the language classroom?

Dexway: more than a digital extension (dexway resources)

Dexway, much more than a digital extension

We analyse the main problems of the digital extensions of language centers.

Problems forming groups? eBook

Problems forming groups at your language school?

One of the challenges that every language course encounters is forming effective and efficient groups.

Dexway Resources: Our eBooks about blended learning, learning platforms, flipped classroom or the use of Dexway in the classroom to solve problems like forming groups or support your online classes will help you realized of the importance of the online learning or a mix between face-to-face and cloud technology.