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Dexway Language Innovation offers language training solutions for libraries and public libraries available on all computers or on any mobile device! Students learn up to 8 languages from levels A1 to C1 through interactive, self-guided courses equipped with every learning tool necessary to successfully master any language.


In-library Training.  Self-guided language courses available on every library computer with no instructor needed

On-the-go-remote access. Students can take their courses on-the-go! Course App available for every mobile device


Conversation groups between students. Same level students can have conversation groups during the course

8 languages available with 5 levels spanning from A1 to C1. Includes additional grammar material for the student in their mother tongue

Grammar, vocabulary, and pronutiation. Course activities and exercises focus on full language training and reinforcing grammar and vocabulary learning in every lesson

Voice recognition. Dexway’s powerful voice recognition technology is used by students to measure speech development skills for words and whole phrases

Built-in Collins Dictionary. It can translate and define any word on the screen, from the instructions to the exercises themselves

Dexway Community available for students to connect and practice the language with other learners from all over the world or within the library itself


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