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Hybrid training model. In-person classes and tailored online content for Schools and Universities.

We work together with management and teaching teams to identify their needs in teaching English as a foreign language and offer them tailored solutions that combine traditional teaching methods with the latest innovations in digital education.


Dexway pedagogical department determines, together with the teaching staff, the desired objectives for their classes, their order and the planning of tests and final exams. With all this, a scheduled didactic program is generated, which includes everything from interactive content to conversation classes and group dynamics.

Program offer
available by grade level

USA ENGLISH LEVELS A1 ; A2 ; B1 ; B2 ; C1 (10)
UK ENGLISH LEVELS A1 ; A2 ; B1 ; B2 ; C1 (10)
USA ENGLISH LEVELS A1-2 ; A2-1 ; A2-2 ; B1-1 ; B1-2 ; B2-1 ; B2-2 ; C1-1 ; C1-2
UK ENGLISH LEVELS A1-2 ; A2-1 ; A2-2 ; B1-1 ; B1-2 ; B2-1 ; B2-2 ; C1-1 ; C1-2
USA ENGLISH LEVELS A2-2 ; B1-1 ; B1-2 ; B2-1 ; B2-2 ; C1-1 ; C1-2
UK ENGLISH LEVELS A2-2 ; B1-1 ; B1-2 ; B2-1 ; B2-2 ; C1-1 ; C1-2



The institution determines together with Dexway which parts of the courses, workshops, tests or exams it prefers to apply. Our pedagogical department will implement the materials based on the weeks and objectives defined, as well as the maximum number of hours that the teaching staff wishes to allocate to each task. The courses are structured by weeks, in which the student progresses online with the content of their in-person classes. The progress of the groups of students is analyzed periodically, the teaching staff is informed and the pertinent adjustments are made, if necessary.

Didactic materials
that make up the courses

PLACEMENT TEST It allows to know the level of the students. Teachers can view on the platform the levels of the students who make up the group in class.
OBJECTIVE-BASED TEST It allows carrying out tests structured by objectives and practice for objectives not passed. This tool makes it easier for the teaching staff to unify the level of the group.
ASSESSMENT TEST Test for the partial or final evaluation of the course, as well as a remedial test.
SYLLABUS Course syllabus established by weeks in hybrid format (online and in person) with interactive and physical materials as defined.
EXERCISES Reading and listening comprehension exercises, and extra-practice exercises that can be assigned individually or for all the group.
ASSIGNMENT Written and/or oral expression assignment.


  • Dexway interactive digital book when a traditional book is not available or desired for students.
  • Course audio file.
  • APP that allows taking the course without internet in periods of 30 days.
  • Conversation groups among students 24×7.
  • Web portal included with detailed reports of the students and their progress.
  • Dexway student community.
  • Option to teach online. It includes the possibility of integrating Videoconferences via Zoom or Teams.

Why Dexway?

  • We guarantee follow-up and strengthening in the acquisition of skills of your students.
  • Continuous and personalized pedagogical advice for each institution.
  • Periodic review of the progress and recommendation of improvements with the aim of optimizing the results of the in-person classes.
  • Analysis and report at the end of the courses. Achievements established and obtained.

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