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Today’s learning environments are much more dynamic. A variety of studies have shown that blended learning method and courses, combining traditional teaching in the classroom with online learning tools, are more effective than a simple face to face lesson in the classroom.

On the other hand, educational technology makes it possible for students to actively start learning outside the classroom through interactive resources, with subsequent support from the teacher inside the classroom, so as to successfully learn a language.

Students progress much faster and more effectively with blended learning

The Dexway methodology is widely recognized within the education sector as the most effective way of learning a language. Its aim is to enrich traditional classroom teaching with an exclusive methodology, which is used in our language courses and teaching materials. Our blended learning method guarantees natural and progressive learning, where students learn the language intuitively through using it.


The Dexway methodology is not only beneficial for students, but also for teachers! Our materials and tools for teachers provide them with all the resources needed to supplement classroom learning, saving them time, and increasing their productivity.


Teacher Pack, the pedagogical methodology teacher´s guide

The most comprehensive teaching guide handbook to provide classes with Dexway flipped classroom method, which aims to improve the English learning experience in classroom. Includes all the necessary structured content, in which the teacher can rely for their classes.

  • A unique methodology that combines Dexway course with classes.
  • It includes activities and exercises tailored to the level of the class.
  • With printable activities to do in class.
  • Activities that encourage conversation and discussion groups in classroom.
  • Additional activities include: e-books, magazine, videos..

*Student book: A student book is available in pdf to download and print as a support to the Dexway course. 


    Using our classroom software, students can experience their course online and then come to class to have their teachers reinforce their learning. This complementary software connects online learning to face to face training.


    • Optimize classroom time for more effective language teaching.
    • Quality content with structured teacher resources available.
    • Schedule personalized classes to reinforce course material.


    Student monitoring and evaluation is simple and practical for teachers with Dexway Analytics, an advanced analysis functionality and tracking for student activities and course progression. Offering teachers and students a more detailed overview of the objectives that each course aims to achieve.

    • Shows the main objectives achieved in each lesson.
    • The teacher can identify strengths and weaknesses and address them in class.
    • Automatically suggests a review of the necessary points in the classroom.
    • Assesses 4 key skills for language learning : listening, reading , speaking and writing. In addition to grammar, vocabulary and conversation groups.



    A complete online kit with additional strengthening exercises included in Dexway course, designed to practice and work on concrete objectives based on student needs.


    • Access to a full database of course objectives for improving them.
    • Automatically generated online exercise reviews as students progress in the course, take a lesson or make a query manually.
    • Teachers and tutors can add personalized new questions.
    • They can also create several questions intended .
    • It includes random option so each student has a different question for the same objective.


    8 available languages English (USA & UK), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese. Course help in 11 native languages

    Multiple levels. Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels A1 to C1 available


    Diverse versions. Diverse catalog of different courses available to fit every language learning need

    Official exam Preparation. Courses designed specifically to help students prepare for language examinations


    Structured material. Structured language learning from 0 to 100 %

    Voice recognition. The most advanced voice recognition tool on the market to effectively measure speech and pronunciation skills


    Conversation groups. Study groups available for extra language practice. Accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year

    Unique interactivity. Intuitive courses that promote interactive learning and increase student motivation

    Artificial intelligence. AI technology in Dexway language courses: correction of evaluations, oral and written role-play practise, and virtual assistants


    Objectives defined. Structured courses that allow teachers and students to easily define objectives and achievements

    Fully responsive. Courses available on any computer or mobile device online or through Dexway’s comprehensive course app

    Tech & Support updates. Regular updates and course support available anytime via our website


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