Dexway courses in British and American English will add new Dexway Master Class to their lessons over the coming months. These premieres are added to the new seasons of videos of British English courses and are already available in the first initial levels.
Dexwa Master Class
In short, English Dexway courses in the UK and English USA that have different modalities and levels, will receive a new master class that will expand the specialty classes found in the courses. In these videos (Dexway Master Class), teachers and students are able to practice what they learned in the lesson in an oral exercise.
The production has been awarded to a specialized British production company which has been utilized for the courses season videos of real situations. Where professional actors and actresses are for playing the role of educators and students in videos of three to four minutes in which they maintain a conversation.
Among the different Dexway Master Class available in the courses we find conversations about art, work, technology or daily routines. Also, classes dedicated to describe images, define terms or answer specific questions about the topic lesson. In addition, to the topics, both the quality of the image and the format have been updated, so that they are more comfortable to see on the new screens of the mobile devices from which so many students access the courses with the Dexway app (Windows, macOS, Andoid, iOS). 

New seasons in Dexway UK courses

Another important novelty in recent months is the updating of the videos of British English courses. The stories of Megan O’hara and Martin Jones (among others) that can be followed throughout the Dexway courses, have renewed their videos with a revision of the plots, change of actors and actresses and a considerable visual improvement. The videos are now available in levels A1, A2 and B1.



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