Tutor Center is the web app that manages classes and tutors in the Dexway system. Available for franchises and language centers with 3 centers or more.

The main purpose of Dexway Tutor Center is to enable the collaboration and organization of different foreign language training programs, optimizing resources to maximize class schedule availability for the students, to increase the number of students that each tutor can give classes to, and to allow the viability of group classes with flexible schedules in courses with small numbers of students.

What’s in Dexway Tutor Center?


From the CENTER section you can set the standard price for individual / group classes, consult the list of LMS addresses and manage users and tutors.


From the TUTORS section, access the list of all your tutors and edit their profiles (personal information, schedules, photos, etc.). Each tutor has their own access and can manage all this information.


In the Classes section, check the list of finished, active, or reserved classes.


The REPORTS section provides your center with comprehensive follow-up reports on classes taught or attendance. Reports can be exported to different formats like PDF or CSV.

Do your students ask you for impossible schedules? Not now!

Master franchises or networks of more than 3 language centers can offer a single online class calendar for all their centers with Dexway Tutor Center and download global class reports, by center or by teacher.

Automatic class creation

By introducing the time availability of each of your teachers, instead of fixed class times, the system optimizes the available calendar so that your center can offer up to 5 times more classes than with a fixed schedule. The daily schedule is created automatically depending on the demand of your students.


Class management

All the information about the classes taught, the attendance and the prices is registered in the platform to quickly access whenever you need it to complete reports customizable by teacher or by center, in the case of franchises with various language centers.

Exclusive access for your tutors

Each online training tutor has their own profile in the application to add their schedules, check their next classes and rate the students after the virtual class sessions.


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