Mastery of a language is one of the most sought-after skills nowadays in any market. But when it comes to international companies and global markets, this demand becomes a necessity.

Case Study Beverage

In order to adapt to the market, many companies are determined to train their employees to improve their general language level so that international relationships and transactions can happen seamlessly.

An international beverage company came into contact with one of Dexway’s partners when searching for the perfect solution to implement in their company, which turned out to be a plan supported by the leader of language e-learning.



The prestigious international company needed its employees to improve their English level. Two main objectives were presented:

  1. Maintain the company’s international contacts in Europe and the United States.
  2. Reward factory employees with a self-learning course.

The company was looking for two very different training methods that could respond to both needs, and this required analyzing each of these approaches separately to find the best solution that fit each case.

On the one hand (method 1), an English course was necessary to train certain employees in their everyday professional tasks and enable them to develop and express themselves with ease in a professional environment.

On the other (method 2), the beverage company needed a self-learning course that would keep its employees motivated and help them improve their English.

It was more difficult to keep the second group motivated since there was no teacher. Only with a course like Dexway’s—which is designed for self-learning, is full of interactivity and includes activities that keep students involved at all times—could we predict it would be a success, with very few dropouts.

After analyzing each group, our specialist partner determined that the main disadvantage for students using method 1 was that they were constantly traveling and had little time to work on the course.

For method 2, the main requirement was to offer a course that didn’t require a teacher and would allow employees to work on the course without requiring internet access.


SOLUTIONS: two language plans with Dexway

By analyzing the objectives of this well-known beverage company and studying each group that the initiative was directed at, it was possible to present a plan to apply the best Dexway solution to each case.

The approach taken required offering two different methods that were capable of meeting both the company’s and the employees’ expectations:


Method 1 Solution

For method 1—employees who need to communicate in global markets— Dexway Professional courses were implemented by level and a specific business module using a tutoring system was included. In addition, some lab lessons were added that contained free writing and pronunciation exercises that were to be corrected by a teacher to further increase the commitment of these employees.

The Dexway Professional version was the most suitable option because it was developed specifically for businesses and it recreates communication in real-life contexts to help students progress in their job duties.

These employees had little time and after observing them, a flexible training plan was established that required them to commit to two lessons per week so they could have continuous training, no matter where they were at.

Students simply have to login to the course or download it and do the lessons offline, since Dexway’s system allows you to work on your courses from any mobile device and save your progress until the next time you connect to the internet.

Thanks to the Dexway Analytics system, the company could receive detailed reports of its employees’ progress and track their use of the course.


Method 2 Solution

For method 2, a self-learning course was set up using Dexway Communicate to reward factory employees. This Dexway method would enable them to improve their English level, especially their speaking and conversation skills, which is the goal of this version of Dexway Idiomas.

One of the company’s requirements for this group of employees was that they be able to access the course without the internet.

This was easily solved with the Dexway App for computers and mobile devices, which allows you to continue learning or complete an entire course without internet access. The next time you connect to the internet, the data synchronizes with the platform and all your progress is saved.

As with the first group, the company could see if the employees were actually using the course due to the detailed reports Dexway Analytics provided.

The implementation was a total success since Dexway’s solutions were able to meet the needs of both groups.

Since Dexway’s courses are so flexible, they could accommodate both the first group’s scheduling concerns and the second group’s requirement of not needing internet access to work on the course. The different methods met each group’s specific learning needs. Dexway’s fully interactive courses featuring total language immersion and a ‘learning by doing’ approach were the key to keeping employees motivated and interested and were fundamental to their rapid progress in the language.


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