One of the advantages of Dexway’s global solution for languages is that companies can customize language courses for their employees, making them feel identified. By subscribing to Dexway, companies can access the most powerful editing and language course creation tool on the market.

Case of Study: Dexway in a Retail with Dexway Authoring Tool

CAE Computer Aided USA Corp. has developed a powerful, easy-to-use tool so that creating and modifying Dexway language courses is a fast, simple and satisfactory experience. This is accomplished by using Dexway Authoring Tool, the only LCMS on the market that specializes in language studies.

Dexway Authoring Tool allows you to modify the appearance of your course by incorporating your logo and corporate colors. In addition, you can customize the contents by adding images, videos, voice recordings and specific vocabulary. Your employees will improve their English, French or Italian through a course that utilizes your own examples, such as everyday situations in the office or carrying out a business transaction or providing customer service.

Dexway Authoring Tool has already been used successfully by some of the top companies in their respective industries. Today we present a case study regarding a request from a prestigious retail company to one of our international partners.



An international retail company needed ongoing language training to maintain and improve its employees’ language skills. The company had more than 1,500 employees who wanted to strengthen their English language skills and add a new language to their résumé.

It had tried traditional training methods, but the employees did not commit to them due to lack of motivation, lack of opportunities, etc.

They had some requirements that were brought up during the first meetings with their human resources managers:

  • Multi-device, offline access
  • Specific vocabulary
  • Videos of everyday situations in the workplace
  • A high-quality curriculum that keeps employees interested and motivated
  • Access to several languages (improvement of first language + a new language)

The goal was to give employees access to custom language courses (in several languages) whenever they wished, emphasizing vocabulary and everyday situations.



To implement an effective solution for this retail company, our partner analyzed their needs, taking into account the necessities that the managers brought up, so that it could carry out the initiative and achieve the desired results.

This analysis made it possible to specify the size of the company and the best Dexway formula for them: Dexway’s global solution for languages with Dexway Authoring Tool.

After collecting all the information, speaking with officials and interviewing some employees, they designed and implemented a training plan with the following characteristics:

#1. Dexway courses: Dexway’s interactive and progressive method

Dexway language courses provide a high-quality curriculum with lessons and conversation groups, which is exactly what the employees needed in order to advance their language studies and maintain their level of English. Dexway courses, structured under the requirements of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) use the learning-by-doing method, a highly interactive and varied method that keeps students motivated.


#2. Access to eight languages

Access to English (UK/USA), French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, after taking a placement test. Employees would take an English placement test and would have the opportunity to enroll in a second language course for which they would also take a placement test, if so desired. Placement tests place each employee at the appropriate level for the course they choose.


#3. Multi-device, offline access

Dexway courses, both pre-established versions and new custom courses, operate on any device using a web browser, in addition to working offline thanks to PC, Mac, iOS and Android apps.


#4. Custom course with Dexway Authoring Tool

The partner in question worked with the company to replace some course images and videos with the retail’s own pictures and videos that show their stores, their offices, etc. In addition, the content (videos, audios, exercises) was also tailor-made to include useful and common situations that employees may encounter.

The company’s name and the names of key management personnel, including their exact pronunciation, were added to the vocabulary and audio bank. Specific vocabulary (from fashion world, for example) was also added.


This company had an ambitious plan, but it knew that in order to engage its employees, it had to offer them a product that would motivate them and make them feel represented. The Dexway method, along with the personalization that Dexway Authoring Tool allows, achieved a much higher level of engagement than this prestigious company expected. More information.


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