The move into the digital age affects all areas of a company and in recent years, the most competitive companies have been digitizing their analog processes, automating them to increase efficiency and save on costs.

E-learning plan: Case Study International Telecom

The same applies to training within companies: e-learning methods have been proven effective for a long time and many have already trusted Dexway solutions with transferring their language training online, thus multiplying their offerings while reducing their budget.

This is exactly what a well-known international telecommunications company did when it wanted to change its face-to-face training plan, which was much more limited, to a 100% e-learning plan that could accommodate a greater number of employees, and so they contacted Dexway.


THE CHALLENGE: e-learning plan

The international telecommunications company had a staff of over 160,000 and had developed its own platforms, since it was a telecommunications company with a platform distribution department that distributed to schools and universities.

First, the size of the company and the habit of using its own platforms were both major challenges in themselves. In addition, our language courses had to meet the following criteria:

  • Meet the requirements and levels of the CEFR.
  • Facilitate progressive self-learning without any gaps for each of the languages and convince students to successfully participate and achieve objectives.
  • Guarantee uninterrupted operation.
  • Include a technical support system throughout the entire project.



After observing its needs and requirements, the company was introduced to the turnkey Dexway solution: Voluxion, the platform specialized in languages. Voluxion features an elegant environment that is signature to our platform and Dexway Academy courses.

In our personalized e-learning plan for them, this method would be offered to employees in dual English (American and British), German, Spanish and Portuguese using placement tests to place each participant in the appropriate level and decide who could continue using the other methods (if they had started them already) that had not been profitable or effective for the company due to the dropout rate.

Dexway Academy courses are structured by level in accordance with the CEFR and are designed specifically for self-learning. Therefore, that was the option the company requested, since in addition to being self-learning, it would allow all employees to be reached and also reduce project costs.

The company decided on the complete solution with Dexway Academy courses and Voluxion, a platform exclusively for languages.

Voluxion provides language students with the most comprehensive resources in a specialized environment, which pleased the company because it added specific features that were not found in general learning platforms.

To complete the package, they added access to the Dexway community, a community of international students, as well as the Study Group so employees could practice the language with other language learners from all over the world in virtual rooms that are integrated into the course. Within the platform, employees could also find additional activities such as specific vocabulary, vocabulary organized by level, grammar from all the levels, interesting news articles, karaoke, etc.

During the implementation process, Dexway trained the client to use the platform so the client could handle the registration process and performance reports from the very beginning.


The e-learning plan implemented by this international company has managed to reduce costs while increasing the number of employees who can receive this incentive.

Three years later, the e-learning plan is still active and it has been a success. The percentage of employees who take courses every year meet all the expectations of this telecommunications company, far exceeding the previous face-to-face initiatives that were taken. In addition, the employees’ general language level continues to improve every year and is something that can be easily verified from the statistics that Dexway Analytics provides.


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