The need arose from a public university with an international vocation, which bases itself on knowledge and innovation to achieve its objectives in teaching quality. This university offers 81 degrees, master’s degrees, doctorates and seminars, many of them in the English language, receives an average of 5000 international students each year and a large number of local students interested in combining their degree studies with the development of their knowledge and skills in a second language. Within this context, its object was to offer language courses which include online courses in different languages, as well as a language learning centre or virtual campus which will allow participative 3.0 language learning to students interested in improving their linguistic competencies in a second language.


After carrying out an exhaustive study of the needs of the client and the language laboratory which the university campus has, CAE designed a package of specific solutions for language learning in English (British and American), French, German and Spanish.This study plan includes the following Dexway solutions: Dexway Academy (V3) online courses combined with Dexway Classroom Teacher. These courses are made up of five levels, from A1 to C2, each one divided into courses, forming a total of fifteen, perfect for evaluation every semester. In turn, the Dexway Classroom Teacher tool allows the tutor to offer blended learning in which presential classes are combined with interactive multimedia solutions which encourage the motivation and participation of students in the virtual community.

university language lab


Using the Dexway educational solution for the educational sector, the university managed to obtain the following results:

Achieving objectives over the average established according to the reference levels (MCERL, TOEFL, ESOL).

Increasing the number of students enrolled in the online courses.

Offering personalised and flexible online teaching in line with the needs of higher education students.

Facilitating applied language learning focused on the future work of the student.

Facilitating the skills necessary in the 21st century so that students develop successfully in a globalised and interconnected environment.

Capitalising on Dexway Technology

Higher education centres are currently aware of the importance of offering a quality, personalised, flexible study plan which prepares the student for their future professional activity within a globalised context. Using Dexway technology, the university was able to offer a wider and more innovative range of languages. At the same time, the students accessed flexible, personalised courses, in which the development of different linguistic competencies worked with specific aspects of their future working activity. Finally, the educational platform facilitated more participative blended learning in which students were able to share both learning and personal experiences, thus strengthening the ties of the community.

Incorporating successful educational solutions

Dexway, the division of Computer Aided E-learning (CAE) specialised in languages, is the leading international company in the development of technological solutions for language training. During our 35 years of experience, we have trained over 2 million students worldwide and generated over 3000 hours of interactive language content. The Dexway Academy (V3) online courses follow a methodology based on the participation of the student in contexts which recreate real communication situations, in order to allow them to actively apply the knowledge they have acquired from the first moment. Our team of teachers has developed a structured plan of lessons which facilitate progressive and flexible learning in accordance with the pace of the student, including a series of digital multimedia activities designed for native students. Additionally, Dexway Classroom Teacher allows the easy andprogressive incorporation of blended learning in the classroom, allowing the students to continue their training after the presential classes and allowing the tutor to carry out real time monitoring of the progress of their students in each of the subjects.

Understanding the benefits

After incorporating the Dexway language method, the university was able to determine the advantages of incorporating a partner specialised in blended learning language teaching. The competencies in the different languages of the students increased notably according to the official standards (TOEFL, ESOL Y MCER), student participation in language courses increased in relation to previous promotions, tutors were able to enrich their classes with customised multimedia activities, real time monitoring allowed the design of a study plan more suited to the needs of the student and, finally, the educational platform favoured the creation of a virtual community which allowed communication and cooperation between students.

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