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The following is a case study of a company that became a Dexway distribution partner after familiarizing themselves with our e-learning training solutions and finding that they were much more complete and innovative than the solutions they were previously using. To protect the privacy of our partners, the company name will be changed to Partner A.


Who are we?

CAE is Dexway’s parent company and has 38 years of research, development, and innovation of language lab solutions on top of other language training solutions such as online learning and blended learning.


The Company/Client

Partner A provides language lab solutions to schools, colleges, and universities throughout the United States. They employ individualized, fully customizable lab solutions ranging from language lab software and headsets to complete turnkey installations that also include computers, networking and infrastructure. The reached out to Dexway to discuss a software distribution partnership so they could resell Dexway solutions to their clients.


The Challenge

Their product portfolio included 6 different solutions that create an e-learning environment when combined supplied by another e-learning language lab provider and not supporting integration capabilities. They had the SmartClass+ as an environment to host and take language lab courses, Viewcast as a separate solution to host virtual classes, Faronics for computer and user management, and others.


What were they looking for?

They were searching for a language lab solution that had the following requirements:

  • It had to be flexible in and outside of the language lab: They wanted a solution that allowed students to take language courses inside of a language lab and then continue with the course from their mobile devices outside of the classroom for 24/7 language training. Specifically they were in need of software that would be compatible with Chromebooks. Students can also download the lessons to any computer or device and take courses without internet access.
  • They wanted a solution that could support large volumes of students enrolled to take a course.
  • They wanted a quality solution that could be updated regularly and would not go out of support like most language training software does.
  • They wanted a company that would assist them with the implementation process when they time came.


The Solution

Dexway presented Partner A with a solution that was more robust and complete than anything they had seen before. They were presented with language lab solutions that combined the work of the SmartClass+, Viewcast, and Faronics all in one easy solution.


What did Dexway present to them?

  • Dexway is one of CAE solution for in-classroom and online language training.  Dexway’s language lab solutions began as offline language labs where software was installed and ran on a local area network that allowed students to take language courses even with little or no internet connection – whether it is in low reception areas or cases where institutions restrict online access. But that has evolved and Partner A was offered a solution that can be used offline still or can be opened up to allow internet and course access inside and out of the lab. Students can take the course inside the language lab with the instructor and then continue with it when they leave the classroom through their own computers or mobile devices.
  • On top of having flexible offline/online solutions, Dexway provides solutions that are 100% integrated. A user-friendly, comprehensive learning management system that hosts course resources and manages user accesses while also including a built-in virtual environment for student groups, message boards, monitoring and evaluations for teachers and students, and more. Instructors even have the capability of uploading YouTube videos or sending an automated notification to all of their students. This full system integration alone did the work of 3 separate solutions that Partner A had.
  • Dexway software solutions are cloud-based and are sold as SaaS so we were able to provide Partner A with a solution that will never lose its support. Both the software and course content can be updated regularly to keep up with requirement changes for operating systems, internet browsers, etc.
  • Dexway also provides full services during implementation process as well as for regular yearly updates so distributors can rest assured that their clients will be taken care of.


The Conclusion

Partner A was looking for new, more innovative language lab solutions for their clients and began their market research to find the perfect one. They reached out to us with interest to partner and distribute our products to their clients in the United States to improve their solutions and services offered.  Dexway heard their business needs and was able to provide them and their clients with a solution that not only perfectly fit what they were looking for, but went above that and exceeded their expectations.

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