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Dexway Academy courses are specifically structured to develop student’s language skills with an applied communicative approach that prioritizes the key functional aspects of each language. The student is immersed in a learning environment that recreates communication through real world situations while practicing the necessary knowledge and skills like grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more to help them communicate in personal and professional environments in the target language.

Languages and levels available:

  • All languages.


The Dexway Classroom Companion language courses are especially structured and designed for classroom training. They develop the students´ linguistic skills focusing on the curriculum. In other words, prioritizing the educational aspects to give language training. Following the CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

The Teacher can create their own “study plan”: eliminate, add or alter lessons. The student learns while doing through association, repetition and contextualization. Voice recognition analyses and indicates improvements through a color-coded system. Incorporated access to Collins online dictionary.

Dexway Analytics feature: Monitoring by group and personalized skills, with content suggestions based on student progress.

It allows the student to take part in study groups in contexts that recreate communication in real world situations. Assimilating the necessary knowledge and skills naturally and gradually (Grammar concepts, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc).

 Languages and levels available:

  •  English US/UK English   Levels A1,A2,B1,B2 and C1
  •  French                               Levels A1,A2,B1,B2 and C1


Dexway Certificate courses reach the most advanced level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) with the most comprehensive course we offer. Target language is learned, practiced, and reinforced through real world situations and communication is learned intuitively through several written and oral exercises and real world situations. The course develops specific skills of comprehension and expression to provide more robust global communication skills.

Languages and levels available:

  • US/UK English – Level A1 to C1.


The Dexway Communicate version focuses on the communicative skills to practical application, prioritising the functional aspects of the target language. It develops student’s communicative skills through a useful approach in real world situations, through which the student learns the necessary skills (Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc) naturally and gradually in order to help them succeed at communicating in both personal and professional contexts.

Languages and levels available:

  • US/UK English, Spanish, French, and German – Level A1 to C1.
  • Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), and Russian – Level A1 and A2.




Dexway English for Beginners/Intermediate covers the formative cycles of primary and secondary. It strengthens their links with the rest of the students’ curriculum to offer a global language education, which supports other subjects and helps students grow as people by working on some abstract concepts. This version is specifically designed to motivate young learners to study a foreign language. This immersion in English encourages them to explore the language in various contexts in order to develop better linguistic and communicative skills. It favors blended learning, with online content and technological learning tools that will support face-to-face teaching guided by a teacher.

The four levels of Beginner have been developed adapting the contents and the virtual environment for a public of 8 to 12 years of age.

At the Intermediate levels (Low, Mid, High) the subject has exclusive lessons in which culture is dealt with at a global level, it reflects on historical personalities and reviews subjects from other subjects such as science, art or geography to link the study of English with the rest of the curriculum. These courses are aimed at students between 12 and 17 years old.

Like the Companion courses, Teachers can edit the curriculum to adapt it to their own agenda or style of teaching: eliminate, add or modify the order of the lessons. As well as the lessons themselves with new exercises, images, videos, audios…

Languages and levels available:

  • Beginner Courses 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Intermediate Courses Low 1 & 2, Mid 1 & 2, High 1 & 2


The Dexway Professional course is designed for students who already have a higher level of language skills to further develop their knowledge of the business language within their professional sector. Through interactive activities and exercises that model real world scenarios, the student gains language competence through practicing key grammar concepts, vocabulary, and pronunciation. A key focus on comprehension and written expression skills that support a greater fluency in the global communicate skills. Taught through interactive exercises, presentations, vocabulary recognition and image and audio association as well as image and audio comprehension that promotes gradual language acquisition. All this, while learning new materials that help them succeed in their professional lives or any business environment.

Languages and levels available:

  • US/UK English – Level A1 to C1.


Dexway sector specific courses available in US/UK English that includes a catalog of over 30 courses with specific activities for sectors such as business, finance, tourism, insurance, hospitality, restaurants, and more!

Specific Course Catalog >



The objective of the certificate courses in English (UK/US) is to reach the most advanced level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages with a more in-depth learning of the language so that the students can pass official exams:

  • First
  • Advanced






Main objective: measurement of the knowledge of language students to reinforce those topics they need to improve. These language courses can be used before starting a course, to consolidate the necessary knowledge at the corresponding level, or at the end of a Dexway course, as a review of the concepts seen during the course.
Languages and levels available: US/UK English – Level A1 to C1.



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