Your students will learn languages with a flexible and effective method

Dexway online language courses incorporate the 4 main language skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing).

Our learning methodology is recognized as the most effective way to learn languages through a system of natural and progressive learning where students learn different language concepts intuitively by using and practicing the language. Our courses offer a complete learning method that helps students learn in an easy and entertaining way while improving their motivation and engagement, ultimately achieving better results and language development. Teachers can complement their current language teaching with an interactive language learning method, complete with content, materials, and the most innovative and advanced eLearning tools.



USA and UK English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese. Course help in 11 native languages.


Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels A1 to C1 available.


Diverse catalog of different courses available to fit every language learning need.


Courses designed specifically to help students prepare for language examinations.



Structured courses that allow teachers and students to easily define objectives and achievements.


Language Labs don’t require an internet connection to learn a language. Courses are installed on a local area network. Even for online and blended courses, students may access and complete a course/courses without internet connection.


Optional – Available for certain versions. Customize your Dexway courses with  Dexway Authoring Tool


Regular updates and course support available anytime via our website.



Conversation groups





At any time, from the course and with just one click, the student has access to virtual classrooms where they see, hear and talk with other Dexway students.

Study groups to practice language, 24 hours a day accessible, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Thus encouraging the participation and exchange of views in a virtual collaborative environment.






All our language courses can be used from any device and through our Apps*  synchronously even without Internet.

Dexway Apps are available for Windows, Mac, Android,  iPad tablets and smartphones (*with Dexway LMS).


8 languages available



8 languages: English (USA / UK), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Russian.

Aligned with the CEFR standard and official exams (Cambridge, TOEFL, DELF-DALF, Goethe …). A1 to C1 levels in English, French, German and Spanish. A1 and A2 levels in Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Russian.

In order to facilitate the learning of a new language at the beginner levels, all the courses include interactive course help for the student available in 11 languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Greek and Danish.



Immersion lessons




Dexway courses include videos, activities and exercises that allow students to learn the same way they learned their native language.

Structured learning, in a real context, in a visually way that immerses the students in the learning and use of language, interacting and participating in dialogues.

The students use the language from the beginning. However, they have help in their native language for the first levels.

Pronunciation evaluation




Through the most advanced voice recognition software the student pronunciation is evaluated throughout the course.

Students compare their pronunciation with a native and the course highlights the speaking mistakes.

The correction is done through a code of colours, both in words and phrases built in all pronunciation exercises.

Level test and evaluation




Before starting the course, students do a hit test which indicates the level that best suits their language skills. Also available during the course, a progress test and a final test to see the progress of each student.

Progress test: Evaluate student progress in each unit. (Available for English, French, German and Spanish courses).

Final test: tests performed at the end of the course to consolidate the knowledge acquired. (Available for all languages).


Student monitoring and evaluation 




The innovative functionality of Dexway Analytics enriches the course´s methodology offering to both teachers and students a more detailed vision of the specific objectives that each course proposes to achieve.

Allows to identify the specific language objetives that each student or group of students need to reinforce.

*Available with Dexway LMS

Dexway Authoring Tool

Dexway Authoring Tool online


Dexway courses have their own editing tool, Dexway Authoring Tool, which allows you to customize courses and tailor them to suit different areas of interest or specific learning needs.

Dexway Authoring Tool provides access to Dexway’s entire resource library and R&D.

All versions of Dexway courses can be customized with objectives, exercises, images, videos and different voice recordings (from Dexway’s libraries or your own).

It allows you to create new custom Dexway courses from scratch using simple templates.


*Available/Optional with Dexway LMS

Motivation & Coaching: Gamified evaluation


Dexway Authoring Tool online

Through the gamified assessment system integrated into Dexway language solutions, a support structure is displayed to increase students’ motivation and engagement and maintain learner interest throughout the course.

– The aptitude and attitude of students are assessed, rewarding three dimensions of effort: behavior, achievements and mastery

– Set objectives, measure progress and reward achievements

– A system of points, trophies and medals

– Individual achievements and students’ rank in the group


*Available with Dexway LMS

Languages and Levels

8 languages available. Levels from A1 to C2

Course Versions

Variety of versions available for different needs

Specific Courses

Specific courses which will help you differentiate

Discover the method

Specific courses which will make you differenciate