One of the great things about the growth of digital is that it has completely revolutionised the way we learn. Because of this revolution, learning a second language has never been more intuitive.

Language schools, colleges, universities, schools, workplaces and training centres are all exploring the benefits of investing in a language training programme. These kinds of high quality online language courses are hugely convenient for both learners and educators, which majorly boosts the success rates of this language learning method.

If your organisation is currently investigating online language courses, keep in mind that it will be hugely beneficial to invest in a language training programme that has the capacity to grow with you.



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What should you be looking for in a language training programme?

When it comes to online language courses, quality matters. There can be a very big difference in the benefits offered by different providers. Because of this, it is vital to do your research and make sure you are choosing the best option for your organisation.

One of the main considerations for online language courses is the range of options that they will offer to both you and your students.

When you are looking at each option, try and answer all of the following questions:

  • How many different languages are included?
  • Are there different study and ability levels on offer?
  • Will students have the opportunity to learn using the four main language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing?
  • Is the language training programme utilising up to the minute technology to facilitate effective learning?
  • Is the course compatible with blended learning programmes and flipped classroom learning models?
  • Will students be given the option to communicate with other students?
  • What kind of community and virtual campus facilities will students be able to access?
  • Do the online language courses provide a virtual classroom environment?
  • Will your organisation be limited to a certain number of students that can be enrolled at any time?
  • Are there top up fees or additional costs for certain features?
  • Are the online language courses cloud based?
  • Will students be able to log in easily from their own computer or other devices?
  • Do they have compatible smartphone and tablet apps?
  • Will students need an internet connection to access language learning materials?
  • What student tracking and evaluation tools are on offer?
  • Does the course investment include future software updates?
  • What support and technical options are on offer?

Considering all these questions should give you a very good oversight of the online language courses you are considering.




Why is it important to choose a language training programme that will grow with you?

Foresight is a very important skill to have, whether you are in corporate business or in the education sector. It’s not always easy to predict exactly where you and your organisation will be in the future.

This means that it is important to ensure you leave as many options open to yourself and your colleagues as possible. Choosing online language courses that will work for you whatever the future holds can go along way towards keeping future costs down and ensuring you can grow and change in line with the needs of your learners.

Some online language courses will limit thing such as how many languages you can access, how many students you can enrol, or how many software updates you can benefit from. A cloud based language training programme can help to counteract these problems by giving you a great deal more options, both now and in the future.

How does the Dexway method help to promote longevity?

The Dexway method of online language courses is very much cloud based. This means that Dexway’s language learning tools are hosted online, not on the individual servers of each organisation or user.

The main benefits of this are that:

  • The software will continue to be developed and updated, without you having to buy a new version of the software
  • Students can access language learning materials on their own terms, in their own time
  • There are far few limits on enrolments
  • There is a huge amount of language learning content, available right when you need it

In addition to this, the Dexway method is also very focused on offering flexible and versatile learning options. This is very valuable as it means you can be sure that the Dexway method for language learning will work for your organisation just as well in the future as it does now.

Want to find out more about language learning and the Dexway method?

Think the Dexway method of language training programmes might be the right choice for your organisation? Take a look at the main features of Dexway language courses, and get in touch to request a free consultation.

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