Our language teaching platform includes the powerful Dexway Analytics tool. Today, it is one of the most valuable features for teachers who use it regularly. The data teachers obtain from the tool helps them get the most out of their classes, helping to improve their teaching inside and outside the classroom.

Let us see what this is all about.


What is Dexway Analytics?

It is an analytics tool, within the Dexway LMS platform, that collects student data. Its enhanced features allow teachers to see how students perform and how they progress throughout the course, whether the classes are face-to-face, online, or hybrid (blended learning).


How does Dexway Analytics work on the language e-learning platform?

Dexway’s analytics tool is very comprehensive. It allows not only to see the global progress of all the students (both, students enrolled in a course and a specific group), but also to obtain specific information on each of the lessons.

Teacher with his students using the Dexway method in a language classroom

Follow-up of the group’s overall performance

First of all, when using the platform, teachers have the possibility to see their students’ progress. In this way, the average grade obtained by the class in each of the lessons or exercises is shown.

You can also see how many students have completed the lesson. This allows you to check students’ pace and how long it takes them to complete the learning units.

On the other hand, if it is observed that the average grade is lower in one of the course lessons, the teacher has the opportunity to take corrective measures in time. For instance, suggesting additional exercises to reinforce that knowledge. Or, it is also useful to detect if it is a specific student who is having difficulties with the subject and the reason why the average grade of the class has dropped.


Track the progress of each student

Besides, the educator can break down the information and see how each student progresses individually. For instance, what lessons they have completed, the grades obtained in each lesson, and other parameters that allow their performance to be assessed in all stages of learning and in the different language skills.

Furthermore, by clicking on each student, you can see a detailed breakdown with data about that student, ranging from the most general to the most specific.


Result analysis by objectives

For teachers who prefer to organize their assessment by objectives to be achieved, instead of by lessons, they have the possibility of filtering by this criterion. Thus, it is seen how students perform in each of the objectives established to be achieved in the language course.

Dexway Analytics tool

In this option, it is also possible to break down students’ information individually to analyze each case in detail.


Advantages of Dexway Analytics for Language Teachers

If you have come this far, you have clearly seen the applications that the Dexway Analytics tool has for a language teacher’s daily life. As you may have noticed, it brings interesting advantages to teaching.

Let’s break down some of them:


Anticipate language learning difficulties

When students show difficulties or students that have misunderstood concepts are spotted early, the situation can be fixed quickly.

Prevent gaps in learning

Anticipation helps to ensure that students do not lose the pace of the class and thus avoid a very common issue: gaps in language learning. The fact that teachers see students’ progress in real-time, facilitates the students’ educational support at all times.

Greater control over course follow-up

Thanks to the Dexway e-learning software, the teaching professional gains great control over the development and progress of the course in a detailed way. In this way, when teaching classes, the stress caused by the uncertainty of not knowing at all times the learners’ abilities is reduced.

Students support

Students perceive that their teacher knows their difficulties and provides the necessary means to overcome them. This results in better communication between the teaching team and the students, and of course, in a high level of commitment.

Time saving

Even when there is no LMS software available, teachers always try to analyze students’ progress with other less efficient manual methods. So imagine the time that can be saved when a tool does this automatically for you and you only have to review the data to decide as a professional what the best measures are in each case.


To take advantage of all the benefits offered by the Dexway method, regarding face-to-face, online or hybrid courses, contact us through the contact form, phone, or email. Our experts will guide you step by step in the implementation of the e-learning software in your institution or school.



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