As a professional in the teaching field or an educational institution manager, it is likely that you have once thought that the traditional language certification was at some point obsolete today. However, it is necessary not only to certify the language level of a student or candidate in a short period of time, but also to assess the student’s proper skills in real-life situations.

Thus, in order to meet this context and the educational world demands, the Dexway language certification was created.

Student taking a language certification exam

What are the Dexway language certificates?

It is an English level certification system developed by Dexway that addresses effectively and optimally the current needs of the educational systems and labour market.

The English exams offered by Dexway are adapted to the requirements of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). In other words, each level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) meets the requirements of the linguistic competences organised in each of the language learning stages. Furthermore, it thus far prevails as the most widespread international reference framework since it is world renowned.

Dexway language certification exams are internationally valid, and they can be taken anywhere in the world through educational or authorized centers.

The evaluation system focuses on practicing the language and it is characterized by its evolving nature, since the user progresses as he covers the four requested language skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

There are 5 types of exams to cover the different needs when certifying the English level.

Types of Dexway certification

At Dexway, we know that the English level evaluation needs are not the same for all students. For instance, a student who wants to attend university has different language needs compared to a job candidate who needs to demonstrate his abilities in the language. Therefore, we have created different types of English exams so that everyone who needs to certify their level can do it in the most appropriate way.

These are the tests available:


It is the longest exam, and it is planned as a traditional certification system. The knowledge and skills assessment are aligned with the CEFR. It is a 120-minute test.


This exam assesses knowledge and skills aligned with the CEFR level competences. It is a 90-minute test.


A faster examination designed to evaluate flexibly, efficiently, and quickly. It is a 60-minute test.


Quick and specific certification to determine the English level in the workplace. A proper evaluation for professionals, recruitment processes, and for business schools. It is a 60-minute test.

Young Adults

English test to assess language skills for A2 and B1 levels. It is a 60-minute test.

Young Learners

This exam is specially designed for students who move on to Secondary Education. It is intended for children between 8 and 12 years old with an A2 level. It is a 45-minute test.

In what areas are Dexway English level certificates used?

Dexway certificates apply in both academic and professional settings.

The exams can be carried out through institutions that are accredited to issue the certificate. Most of them are public and private educational centers (schools, institutes, universities), but also other institutions that need to offer this service to their users, such as companies, human resources firms or trade associations.

If your organization needs to conduct the Dexway language certification, contact us so we can inform you of the accreditation process.

How is Dexway different from traditional English level tests?

The Dexway certification has the same quality level as other well-known language level certification tests. However, the difference lies in the current updated methodology we adopted, which requires speed and flexibility.

What are the main features of the Dexway English exams?

 Save time on exams

Dexway certification exams are shorter than traditional tests. These traditional examinations can last more than 3 hours which is detrimental to students’ concentration and performance.

The tests are optimized to work fully on the four language skills without spending so much time. The longest exam lasts 120 minutes and the shortest for children and preteens 45 minutes, and the most common is the 60-minute exam.

Exam booking availability

If you are acquainted with other certification tests, you know that it is necessary to wait for the dates fixed by the accredited institutions. The availability is usually limited and there are a few dates throughout the year. This causes an impediment for those who need to certify their English level quickly, so they can apply for a job, scholarship or enroll in an educational center, for instance.

Dexway offers the possibility of getting a certification at any time of the year, without having to wait for specific calls.

Online, virtual and natural evaluation

The exams are taken online in a virtual environment that features the latest technology in linguistic evaluation.

Thanks to its software development, it offers premium quality, an exceptional user experience and a trustworthy copy protection system.

The students live a progressive and natural evaluation during the exam where they can test all their English skills.

Copy protection technology

Our R&D&I department has developed an algorithm that prevents fraud in examinations. At the same time, there are other security systems; each student takes a different exam, random combinations of questions are presented, students are proctored through their webcams, all windows and browsers are blocked on the devices in which students take the test, so it prevents them from opening other windows during the exam.

All of these measures make Dexway a highly reliable and secure certification.

If any of the information above was relevant to you and it resonates with the English assessment system you want to incorporate into your institution, feel free to contact us. We will tell you how you can implement it in your educational center or organization.


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