B-learning, blended learning or mixed teaching is a hybrid model that combines online methodology with face-to-face classes. B-learning in language teaching complements classroom learning with digital, multimedia and 100% interactive materials. It is very flexible and offers many benefits that act as a digital extension in class, flipped classroom or online reinforcements. Dexway language courses contain all the benefits of b-learning and are the perfect complement to begin using in your educational centre or organization.


benefits of b-learning


Charles Dziuban, Charles R. Graham, Patsy D. Moskal, Anders Norberg and Nicole Sicilia (University of Central Florida, Brigham Young University Utah –United States- and Campus Skellefteå, Skellefteå -Sweden-), In their study: “Blended learning: the new normal and emerging technologies“, looked at the effectiveness of this e-learning methodology from its start, its success and the perception of the students. Their work concludes that we live in a blended world in which innovations such as learning analytics, adaptive learning or automated assessment can be perfectly combined with the work of teachers. Moreover, it is a resource that combines perfectly with the role of the teache, ultimately saving resources. (Charles Dziuban, Charles R. Graham, Patsy D. Moskal, Anders Norberg y Nicole Sicilia. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 2018, 15:3 https://doi.org/10.1186/s41239-017-0087-5).


6 benefits of b-learning for languages

The application of technology to education has a number of benefits that help make language training more effective. We highlight 6 benefits of blended learning present in Dexway courses that make this model essential.


#1 Human factor

It offers the best of both worlds: face-to-face and online. The big disadvantage for online training remains the lack of human interaction, at least as far as some students and teachers are concerned. This is changing thanks to systems such as gamification or social networks for students. However, for many, contact with the classroom and other classmates are still essential parts of learning.

Blended learning, however, combines digital content with face-to-face classes to maintain the human factor within the courses and for students to remain more motivated. In fact, as the authors of the previous study affirm, b-learning allows teachers to play a more important role, not only as a speaker to be listened to, but also as a guide.


#2 Cut costs

Implementing a b-learning methodology in language courses can save money. Not only because it does away with photocopies and even books, but because it allows the application of methodologies that make class groups more flexible and, therefore, enables you to enrol more students (such as the flipped class with online classes).


#3 Different methodologies

By having interactive language materials accessible from PCs, tablets and smartphones, teachers can energize their classes by introducing new methodologies. Like the flipped classroom, where interactive materials are consulted prior to face-to-face classes or Station Rotation Lab where, while in the center the students alternate between different activities that involve the interactive course or not. In the first, the classes become more participatory and practical, and in the second, the classes are more dynamic by conducting a rotating laboratory with different activities at the same time.

In addition, with Dexway language courses you can establish language laboratories with face-to-face lessons and reinforcements and online lessons


#4 Flexibility

Among the different benefits of b-learning is its great flexibility. Access to reinforcement exercises, supplementary material and an online community to practice 24 hours a day, allows students to adapt the training to their own pace of learning. In addition, they can do wherever and whenever they want. This is especially important in higher education, where the responsibilities of students multiply and b-learning can help reconcile all their educational, family and work tasks.


#5 Instant, comprehensive feedback

Information is power, and blended learning courses offer all kinds of information in real time so that students can know where they made mistakes seconds after taking their partial and final tests. This way, they can immediately analyze where they have failed and practice in those areas before the next class.


#6 More effective classes

Precisely that real-time feedback transmitted by e-learning courses through LMS educational platforms (Learning Management System) allows teachers to act immediately when identifying the difficulties that a group has in a certain topic and review that subject until the marks for those exercises improve; thus making the classes more efficient.

With the 100% interactive Dexway language courses such as Dexway Academy or Dexway Classroom Companion, educational centers have all the necessary material to implement the blended learning methodology that meets their needs at their disposal. For those centers that want to start with a comprehensive solution with content for the classroom, educational platform and cloud hosting, Dexway offers a closed solution with which to start their digital transformation easily.


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