We have the premiere of our Dexway Classroom Companion courses. Many of the images have been added and replaced in Companion courses following quality and current criteria to offer your students a more complete and modern course.

This modernization of Companion course images results from our commitment to constant improvement to make Dexway content the most up-to-date on the market. It is our goal that students can easily identify with content topics. And in this way, offer immersive and enjoyable teaching that recreates real, and at least, credible contexts.


Images in Companion courses



At Dexway we are not overlooked by the smallest detail and we give the importance it deserves to each of the elements that integrate it. From the exercises texts to the images and videos. Every day we work to improve and offer a more complete product. For example, with each change and update, gender roles are reviewed to give an egalitarian image that allows Dexway courses to bring a true reflection of today’s society to their students’ screens. Also more sustainable.

And this is not only done in the activities, it has also been done with the new images in Companion courses (which are often protagonists of the exercises).


Images with Dexway quality

The Dexway label stands for excellence in all areas. We take care not only of the training area of our projects but also pamper its aesthetics.

The image update in these hybrid courses (classroom and home) has been done under the criteria of equality. As well as with the aim that all changes show a real context of today’s society. A diverse, respectful, and sustainable context. In addition, we have also sought an image quality that allows students to enjoy our courses more on any type of device.


Why blended with Classroom Companion?

Dexway Classroom Companion courses have been created exclusively to provide classroom training, with a curricular approach that emphasizes the development of students’ language skills. These programs are carefully designed and structured to prioritize educational aspects and follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

In this case, the courses cover levels from A1 to C1 for both the English (UK/USA) and French versions. Its main objective is to facilitate comprehensive language training, ensuring students acquire the necessary skills effectively.

Our Companion courses allow teachers to create their own curriculum, aligning their school curriculum with the dynamic content of the courses and offering support in and out of the classroom. At the beginning of the courses, there are positioning tests for your students and objective and reinforcement tests for all areas that need to be strengthened.

These courses can also be offered in the PLUS version, which includes free laboratory lessons (oral and written) as well as writing and oral lessons applied to each unit. In addition to the online version, Companion offers students a course book, audiobook, didactic guide, and student guide. Meanwhile, the teachers obtain the course in face-to-face version as well as the support of the Teacher pack.


Benefits of Blending with Classroom Companion

Blended learning courses combine face-to-face elements with online content to deliver a 360-degree, comprehensive, and flexible experience. Classroom Companion is just what it offers to all those classrooms that prefer to integrate hybrid training. The advantages of this popular mixed education system include:

#1 Flexibility

Combining classroom work with online homework allows students to meet their needs flexibly, as it gives them the ability to connect to the course and perform extra exercises wherever and whenever they want.

#2 Customization

They offer personalized learning thanks to the number of resources at your disposal: interactive exercises, videos, complementary material, etc. In addition, teachers can change the order of adding or removing content in Companion courses to adapt 100% of their classes. It is even possible to give access to the material before or after class, to have total control of the working pace of the class.

#3 Monitoring and follow-up

Relying on technology offers unthinkable possibilities in traditional education. One of them is the monitoring and follow-up, in real-time, of your students’ performance. In this way, teachers know the course level at all times, without waiting for exams and wasting time on tedious corrections.

#4 Always up to date

Just as today we are talking about updating the Companion images, our team is constantly working on improving the activities, videos, and all the complementary material.


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