Dexway Classroom Companion, available in French, UK and US English versions, is the ideal digital solution to supplement language teachers in the classroom and these courses are very easy to use with a Flipped Classroom system.

Classroom Companion is the best supplement for face-to-face teaching due to its flexible structure and the fact that it allows teachers to adapt the course to the center’s curriculum or to their own personal curriculum. Teachers can choose the order of the syllabus, establish objectives for each topic and lock any contents that they don’t want their students to have access to yet, making them available at the appropriate time, such as after they have been to class or just before class.

The lessons can be coordinated to follow along with the class syllabus (to use during class or review later). Teachers can also grant access to students before class and lead them towards an inverted classroom system, one of the best educational methods available today.

Dexway Classroom Companion

A Flipped Classroom (or inverted classroom) consists of shifting the direct instruction of traditional teaching out of the classroom. Students themselves access the material first and study it at their own pace, without having to rely on passively listening to a teacher’s lecture (traditional teaching).

In this model, classroom time is used for hands-on and engaging exercises, as well as for answering questions. That being said, this method can be used perfectly with Dexway Classroom Companion. Let’s see how.


Dexway Classroom Companion + Flipped Classroom

Then, how to use Dexway Classroom Companion with a Flipped Classroom? Once teachers have customized their Dexway Classroom Companion course, which is simple to do by using the LMS (learning management system), they then unlock the lesson they want their students to study and notify them by email so they can access it.

Upon arrival to class, all students will have had the opportunity to study the lesson at home at their own pace. They no longer need to fear getting lost during the teacher’s explanation or try to keep up with the class’s pace, which can’t fully take into account each student’s particular needs. The Dexway Classroom Companion student portal gives students access to the available lessons and units, with fully interactive and digital content to make learning comprehensive and fun.

In addition, they can create their own avatar and username for activities in the online community (can be private and only contain students from your center) such as forums or videoconferences.

In the classroom, teachers have the opportunity to give a talk, have students practice hands-on exercises through the Dexway course or answer any questions that may have arisen during their study sessions. That is, teachers can implement a lot more hands-on activities that allow new dynamics such as critical thinking and debates within classrooms supported by new technologies.

At the end of class, the teacher can unlock new reinforcement exercises in the Dexway Classroom Companion course for the material practiced during class so that students can review it and reflect on it. Teachers can also provide access to the lessons for the next class.


French / American / English Dexway Classroom Companion

Classroom Companion courses are available in three versions English Dexway Classroom Companion (UK English), American Dexway Classroom Companion (US English) and Français Dexway Compagnon de classe (French).


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