Dexway, the language division of CAE Computer Aided E-learning, expands its offering of classroom supplements—the Classroom Companion range—by introducing a new version for learning French. Français Dexway – Compagnon de classe is the latest official addition to the Companion family, the best classroom supplement for language teachers.

Français Dexway - Compagnon de classe

Dexway Classroom Companion is far more than a digital extension for language courses. Publishers usually offer a limited extension and are more interested in not overshadowing their textbook; meanwhile Dexway’s Companion solutions provide an essential support inside and outside the classroom. It is, therefore, the most innovative supplement on the market for face-to-face classes, making it possible to adapt courses to the course textbook, or even disregard the book. Compagnon de classe provides a PDF study manual for teachers and students that can be downloaded and printed, if needed. In addition, these course manuals are updated with changes that teachers make to the course so that they correspond exactly to the material that the student is working on in class and at home.

This version of Dexway language courses keeps teachers at the center of the learning process, allowing them to modify course content to adapt it to their own curriculum.

With Classroom Companion, teachers can reorganize, delete or add lessons, create new exercises, change course images and give access to content week by week or make the content available at all times.


Français Dexway – Compagnon de classe

Français Dexway – Compagnon de classe is available for levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1, just like American Dexway Classroom Companion and English Dexway Classroom Companion (American English and British English, respectively). These new French courses have been specially developed as a classroom tool for language centers and schools.


Why is Français Dexway – Compagnon de classe better than a digital extension?

Many publishers supplement their books with digital extensions that offer access to an online space. However, these extensions are very limited because they are so similar to the contents of the book; they don’t go beyond nor serve as standalone material.

Français Dexway – Compagnon de classe has been specifically developed as a support for teachers, both with or without a textbook. In fact, it includes a downloadable PDF manual that teachers and students can print and it will include any future changes made in the online version (changes in syllabus order, new exercises, etc.).


4 reasons why it is the best option for the classroom

#1 You can customize the content and tailor it to the curriculum your center uses or to your book.

#2 Out of all the digital extensions, Dexway is unmatched due to the quantity and quality of its courses, all fully interactive and educationally developed for a natural and progressive study from 0 to 100.

#3 It is structured by objective, allowing you to clearly see the goals to be reached during the course. In addition, since the companions are customizable, they can accommodate the center’s expectations.

#4 Online and offline access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no installation required; you can access it from the browser of any device connected to the internet. It also works offline using the Dexway applications for PC, Mac and smartphones.


Dexway courses guarantee learning without any gaps and have the highest completion rates. This is due to the ability of customizing courses, the digital extensions and the focus on educational development, which creates an immersive, progressive and enjoyable study.


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