Dexway French and German courses have added new Masterclass Dexway videos to their lessons. This new content is yet another novelty, such as the videos of the American English courses that are already available

The Français Dexway Académie+ and Deutsch Dexway Akademie+ courses, in their different levels, have new and more modern video Masterclasses, which extend the special classes that until now could be found in the courses. In these videos, teachers and students practice what they learned in the lesson or expand on the content. Students must actively participate during the lesson in order to improve listening comprehension and thus expand their knowledge.


Vídeos masterclass para los cursos Dexway de francés y alemán. Con conversaciones y situaciones cotidianas



Familiarization with the language through real situations


These Masterclasses or video classes also reinforce oral, grammar, and spelling skills. In the Masterclasses the student gradually gets acquainted with the accents, structures, and rhythm of the foreign language, thus internalizing the concepts learned in the course and applying them.

Among the different Masterclasses available in Dexway courses, we find conversations in areas such as art, work, technology, or daily routines, among others. There are also specific lessons related to each topic where students’ understanding can be assessed through exercises.


Video content with Dexway quality


In the new Masterclass videos for French and German, professional actors and actresses play the role of educators and students. In this way, conversations and situations related to the syllabus seen so far in the Dexway course are recreated. It is possible, then, that students see real and practical cases in an interactive way, applying what has been learned.

Dexway relies on a pedagogically proven practical method that allows progressive and natural language learning. Its courses stand out for their interactivity, linguistic immersion, and effectiveness, as well as for their compatibility with the different e-learning modalities that you can apply to your school: blended, online, face-to-face, and laboratories. Dexway content meets the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

In addition to the topics, both the image quality and the format have been updated, so that they are more comfortable to see on the new screens of mobile devices from which so many students access courses via the Dexway app. Dexway apps are available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS and can be downloaded for free.



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