Dexway expands its offer of e-learning language courses with Dexway Classroom Companion courses. With them, the language division of CAE aims to bring the most positive aspects of e-learning to on-site classroom teaching and to value the figure of the teacher. The new online educational methodologies succeed not only for their time flexibility and the possibilities of adapting to the rhythm of each student, but for taking advantage of new technologies to offer the student an added value: progress statistics, multimedia practices, additional exercises, user communities…

Classroom Companion

For Dexway, on-site classroom teaching continues to add value to education, but it is important that schools, universities and learning centers make available to their students new characteristic methods of networked classrooms, blended learning (such as Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation, language lab) or 100% online classes.

As an e-learning specialist, the CAE language department has developed the Dexway Classroom Companion courses to complement the on-site classes. The new courses have the teacher at the center of the educational task and offer the most advanced technology for language learning. Dexway Classroom Companion is on the side of teachers in the classroom so that they provide their classes with all kinds of resources backed by the experience of the Dexway method in language teaching.

Bring the most positive aspects of e-learning to on-site classroom teaching

Dexway provides Dexway Classroom Companion with 38 years of experience in language training. Dexway courses develop a unique and progressive method based on learning through practice (learning by doing). Dexway offers in all its courses an experience of linguistic immersion through natural and constant progress as a way to develop the language skills of language learners. Learning is flexible and structured and advances from 0 to 100% of the subject without gaps. The subject is interactive and varied, and therefore, students learn while having fun, without losing motivation.


How do Dexway Classroom Companion courses adapt to classrooms?


The most important thing about the Dexway Classroom Companion e-learning language courses is that the teacher maintains a leading role inside and outside the classroom. Teachers can plan the lessons, order them according to their needs and decide when they will be available to students. Tutors and professors add new capabilities with Dexway Analytics technology, which allows them to easily track the progress of the course and adjust the content based on the evolution of the group.

E-learning teaching and blended learning teaching are in tune with the current demands of digital natives. And in turn, on-site classroom teaching maintains its role in colleges and universities. Classroom Companion appears as the link between the two teaching models that, far from being antagonistic, merge perfectly into the new Dexway courses so that students and teachers enjoy the most positive side of language learning: interactivity, participation, motivation, entertainment, diversity…

With Computer Aided E-learning technology, language classes add a new dimension for teachers and students. It is important to know the characteristics of this Dexway method.


#1 Flexible and adaptable structure

The teacher is the axis of learning in the Dexway Classroom Companion courses. The teaching units focus on a study of the natural and progressive language that places teaching in real contexts at all times. The variety of activities promotes attention in class and stimulates students.

Tutors and teachers can order and guide the syllabus according to their needs and those of their students, as well as eliminate and create new teaching units thanks to a flexible and adaptable structure of the contents of Dexway Classroom Companion. This makes them true coaches of learning inside and outside the classroom.


#2 Motivation for the student with instant feedback

Students have access to a unique virtual environment with exercises and activities that allow them to review the concepts seen in class, deepen them and stay in advance. Classroom Companion maintains its motivation and interest by offering real-time feedback. The teacher can review all the progress of his group and consult at all times the level they reach in order to adapt the subject.


#3 Connect with the millennial generation

The digital native generation expects to have access to online resources that complement on-site classes. In this sense, Classroom Companion offers varied activities to practice the language at any time and any place. The multi-device nature of Dexway courses allows students to download it on mobile, tablets, PC or Mac. In addition, they do not need an Internet connection to run and remain synchronized from one device to another to offer maximum mobility to the student.


#4 Wide variety of language courses e-learning Dexway Classroom Companion

Classroom Companion is offered in two versions: one for children up to 12 years old and one for children over 12. All of them follow the structure indicated by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages):

  • Primary Version for levels A1 and A2.
  • Secondary Version for high school students (A2, B1, B2)
  • Adult version: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1.

For these four reasons, Classroom Companion becomes the natural ally of language teachers by expanding their resources and improving their teacher-student relationship. The new Dexway Classroom Companion courses for on-site classroom teaching form the perfect team with the traditional classes providing dynamism and depth to the lessons by incorporating blended learning into the educational program.


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