With so many learning centers and languages out there, it is important to stand out from the competition by conveying your expertise in the offer you present to any interested parties. A strategy that helps you distinguish yourself and stand out from the competition is to create your own online language or blended learning courses. But how do you do that effectively and cost-efficiently?

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In our new e-book “Stand Out from the Competition: Dexway Makes It Easy!“, we analyze how important it is to create a personalized product so that each center can convey its particular expertise. It is essential to engage students and keep them motivated.

Creating an online language course from scratch can be expensive and complicated; that’s why CAE has expanded its language solutions with a new easy-to-use authoring tool that incorporates all the technology and content from the industry leader in online language learning.

Dexway Authoring Tool allows you to create language courses without starting from scratch by utilizing all of Dexway’s exercise templates, videos and audio recordings, as well as their R&D (audio recordings, voice recognition, video subtitling, automatic image and video compression).

This e-book will show you how important differentiation is, in addition to segmentation and costs: the three most studied and effective competitive strategies. You will also discover how to create online language courses without any prior technical knowledge thanks to Dexway Authoring Tool, which you can use to easily create and customize you Dexway courses.

Download our new ebook

The e-book also contains several case studies that show graphs of simple changes you can make to customize your courses to help your students relate to them and stay interested. Download it now or request a demo of Dexway Authoring Tool.


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