Language academies often run into difficulties in students’ learning due to cancelled classes, bank holidays, sickness etc. These factors reduce the contact hours between student and teacher, which has a negative impact on language learning.

As a result this issue and many others, the use of new technologies in language learning has grown along with the benefits they bring.

 eBook “El éxito del Blended learning en idiomas”
For a start, students are able to use devices which are almost universally considered to be essential in our lives, both as an educational tool and for use in entertainment and social networking. Belonging to a ‘virtual community’ means students become responsible in the development of their own learning. Additionally, this medium encourages interaction through learning in a real, social, and motivating environment.

E-learning platforms are web-based applications which integrate a variety of tools for online learning, allowing for language acquisition without face-to-face contact (e-learning); and/or blended learning, where face-to-face classes are combined with supplementary online material.

The online language learning courses provided by Dexway focus on the four key skills of language acquisition (listening, reading, speaking and writing). The courses are structured for progressive language learning with complete and comprehensive material.

Dexway’s learning methodology is considered to be the most effective way to learn languages; a complete, natural and progressive learning model, where students learn different concepts of the language via an intuitive medium of use and practice of the language. It is a complete learning system which helps students to learn in a fun and easy way, improving their motivation and achieving better retention and progress. Teachers are able to complete their plans of study in languages by integrating an interactive method of language learning. Dexway puts the content and language learning material in the hands of the teachers, as well as providing them with the most innovative and advanced tools.

Alternatively, Dexway’s Blended Learning methodology is designed to complement and strengthen traditional face-to-face learning, with an exclusive accompanying methodology to our language courses, teaching material and tools.

Discover the eBook ‘The Success of Blended Learning in languages’ and how online language learning and blended language learning add value and improve language learning results. In this eBook you can find out about:

  • The growth of E-learning for foreign languages
  • What is Blended Online Learning?
  • What is a learning platform or virtual campus?
  • The main features of learning platforms
  • Advantages of learning platforms for complete management
  • The Virtual Classroom: much more than a competitive edge

Not understanding the need for integration of an e-learning platform for language academies means missing out on the advantages it offers for training. Find out why in this eBook!

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