A few weeks ago, CAE Computer Aided E-learning expanded its range of services with a subscription service that entrusts customers with all of Dexway’s teaching materials and resources, as well as our R&D.

Dexway Authoring Tool iPad

Dexway Authoring Tool, an innovative application for creating and editing online language courses, allows you to fully customize both the appearance and content of the courses.

Most importantly, all these changes can be made in an easy and intuitive way so that teachers themselves can modify, rearrange or add to the curriculum at any time. Prior technical knowledge is not necessary. It is pure magic in your hands.

Dexway Authoring Tool, undoubtedly one of CAE and Dexway’s most ambitious developments, is a tool that provides customers with all the proven materials of our prestigious Dexway language courses, in addition to the technology needed to easily work with them. Specialized in languages, it is the first of its kind. There is no tool like it on the market.

It also allows teachers to add all their own content. That way, courses can be adapted to meet students’ specific needs by combining Dexway materials with materials developed by teachers.


Benefits of Dexway Authoring Tool

There are many reasons to start using this flexible authoring tool. We’ve already mentioned all the features that make Dexway Authoring Tool an essential service for customizing online language courses. Now, we want to review the 4 major benefits of why you should try this service:


#1. Exclusive tool

Only Dexway courses come with an authoring tool that allows teachers to customize course content so they can tailor it to their students’ needs.

It is simple to use and you can modify it whenever a particular need arises, from class to class. For example, you can strengthen certain areas where students demonstrate more shortcomings.

With the support of the educational platform Voluxion, you can also integrate virtual classrooms or VCR Dexway, which specialize in languages.


#2. Includes all the Dexway content

One of the main advantages of Dexway Authoring Tool is that it provides you with all of our materials and resources such as our image, video, and exercise banks, as well as the voice recorder or predesigned exercise templates.

You can create or edit any version of Dexway language courses (Academy, Certificate, Classroom Companion, Communicate…), which include all of our materials, structured according to the indications of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


#3. Intuitive and user-friendly environment

Using Dexway Authoring Tool could not be easier. Courses are developed and edited in a digital environment with a very user-friendly interface.

You can verify changes instantly and update the original course with the press of a button.

If necessary, CAE has developed a quick start guide with explanatory videos to familiarize you with the service in just a few minutes.


#4. Includes its own content and materials

The new service makes it easy to create online courses practically from scratch, with the ability to fully customize them by using Dexway materials or adding your own materials (images, videos, voice recordings, etc.).

Your custom Dexway courses will continue to offer the unique methodology and pedagogy that make Dexway online courses leaders in the industry, with the highest completion rates. Nevertheless, Dexway Authoring Tool enables you to adapt content to your specific needs, which in turn allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering your own added value that only you are able to develop. Dexway Authoring Tool will help you reach that goal.

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