CAE has expanded their range of services by adding Dexway Authoring Tool, opening up new possibilities to create and edit online language courses. The only tool designed and developed for the language industry, Dexway Authoring Tool provides 100% customizable courses, as well as all the features that have made Dexway and its unique and effective method popular.For weeks, Dexway customers have been able to create their own courses without starting from scratch and without any advanced technical knowledge by utlizing all of CAE and Dexway’s R&D resources .

There may be many authoring tools on the market designed to create and edit e-learning courses, but Dexway Authoring Tool is the only tool developed specifically for language learning and it is backed by all of Dexway’s structured materials.

In previous articles we’ve discussed the reasons to start using Dexway’s cloud tool to create courses, we’ve mentioned its customization capabilities and the access it provides to all of Dexway’s libraries of materials. Now we go a step further by providing a complete analysis of its features and capabilities.



Dexway Authoring Tool
ContentUse Dexway’s lessons and combine them with teachers’ materials to tailor classes to meet students’ needs.
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Italian.
CloudWork in the cloud: all progress is automatically saved and accessible from any browser connected to the internet.
At any time, changes applied to the course can be displayed with the touch of a button (the preview opens in a new window just like how students will see it).
UsabilityIntuitive and easy-to-use tool; no technical knowledge is required to edit or create online language courses.
TutorialPDF tutorial guide and instructional videos.
Publishes directly to the LMS/LCMSWith the touch of a button, courses are sent directly to the learning platform and thus the available course offerings are updated.
Exclusive language toolsA voice recorder, voice recognition and pronunciation evaluation, dictionary of translations and definitions and a subtitling tool.
Collaborative workEncourages teamwork among teachers at the same language center, combining their talent to create or customize online courses.
CompatibilityMulti-device capabilities. Accessible from any device with internet access (PC, Mac, Android, iOS).
Automatic compressionAutomatically convert videos and images to compatible formats and sizes.
Image libraryAccess to Free images banks.
Audio libraryAccess to the audio library which includes hundreds of different voices and accents.
Video library
Exercise libraryAccess to the tried and tested exercises from Dexway courses, organized by objective.
VCRAs part of Dexway's global solution, courses modified or created with Dexway Authoring Tool include a virtual classroom specialized in languages (Dexway VCR).
Custom exercisesAll of Dexway’s course exercises can be edited (or deleted).
Exercise templatesMore than a dozen predesigned templates to create exercises from scratch.
Templates for testsCreate partial and final exams from templates that allow automated assessment.
Placement testsPlacement tests allow each student to be placed at the appropriate level.
Structured contentChange the objectives of each lesson/unit to tailor them to a specific curriculum.
Dexway Authoring Tool courses
Dexway Authoring Tool screenshot
Edit an activity with Dexway Authoring Tool