CAE expands the range of features for its Dexway language courses with a new service: Dexway Authoring Tool. As a result of the commitment and mission to offer the best quality in educational product development and staying true to its philosophy of providing the most advanced technology to its customers, CAE has developed a customization service for Dexway language courses, giving total freedom to educators and training centers and adding value to its training courses.

Dexway Authoring Tool

This new feature, available across all Dexway courses, takes customizing language courses a step further and is an indication of the constant updates and innovation of a specialist in e-learning training solutions.

From now on, Dexway courses will become much more than language training courses, differentiating themselves from the rest of the e-learning, blended learning and language lab concepts because of their versatility, flexibility, scalability and adaptability to the needs of teachers and trainers, with the ability to configure custom courses by accessing the entire Dexway resource library and R&D, making it easier to subscribe to Dexway Authoring Tool.

Access to Dexway Authoring Tool (directly from LMS Voluxion or through your browser) will equip educators and teachers of organizations, institutions and training centers with the easiest and most effective way to adapt Dexway course content to their areas of interest or sectors. Thus, they can customize Dexway courses to focus on their students’ specific interests, motivations and needs.

Dexway Authoring Tool: Added Value for Your Training Courses

Dexway Authoring Tool enables you to create and modify any version of Dexway language courses by using a unique service on the market, offering students added value in their language courses.

Dexway Authoring Tool facilitates access to all the exercises, images, audio and video files of Dexway courses, putting the sector’s largest resource library for language learning at your fingertips.

In addition to modifying exercises by changing the audiovisual teaching material, it also allows you to add new exercises in just a few minutes using Dexway’s pre-designed templates, so scalability is no longer only limited to the addition of tools on the platform (VCR, community, etc.) but also to content.

With Dexway Authoring Tool, you can access a large collection of available resources, explore complete libraries and reuse the thousands of exercises, vocabulary terms, images, videos and voice recordings of Dexway courses, which allows you to compose new educational content that expands or adds completely new lessons.


Upload your own resources

Subscribing to Dexway Authoring Tool adds great value to Dexway courses, allowing all kinds of modifications without altering the methodology that characterizes these market-leading language courses.

#1. Your own resource library.

You gain full access to images, vocabulary, audio recordings, videos, flashcards, exercises and even objectives for each course.


#2. Access to all versions of Dexway courses

It is an inclusive subscription with access to all versions, levels and methods of Dexway’s successful language courses:

Available at all levels (A1 to C1) and for all methods needed (online, blended learning, labs, etc.).


#3. Original content

Another great advantage of the new Dexway Authoring Tool is that it allows you to customize Dexway courses with your own original content. To facilitate this task, CAE provides educators and trainers with the best advancements in the company’s area of research and development, which is always working to anticipate your needs.

Dexway Authoring Tool utilizes the most advanced technology to add virtually any type of video and image format. Files are perfectly integrated into the courses through automatic compression and conversion.

The platform also includes a voice recorder so you can add vocabulary recordings, as well as digital speech synthesizers with different intonations (male, female) that convert text into voice, offering endless possibilities to easily customize courses.


High-Quality Dexway Courses

Dexway courses follow a proven methodology that really works; that’s why more than 4 million students worldwide have decided to learn languages with Dexway.

With over 35 years of experience in the education sector, including e-learning, blended learning and labs, Dexway courses have succeeded because of their educational model that is supported by an eminently practical teaching method, learning by doing, and its structure, which is aligned with the CEFR requirements. This translates into satisfied and motivated students, which in turn leads to the highest completion rates in the sector

If you have any question about this new service for the Dexway courses, contact us for a free consultation.

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