Does your center know how to maintain the students’ interest? Dexway offers solutions for language learning specially designed to support the teacher’s on-site classes in the classroom. They are the English K-12 courses (Beginner and Intermediate) and Classroom Companion. These courses have a very important characteristic in common: the teacher can create their own curriculum, that is, they can eliminate, add or modify the order of the lessons according to their criteria.

Dexway Language Schools

There is no doubt that maintaining student interest is key in language teaching. It is common seeing a student abandon their course before finishing it, precisely because of the loss of motivation as the classes progress. This is due to the fact that the learning of a language requires an active and constant participation on the part of the student, conditions that with the traditional methodology are difficult to take to the classroom.

The perspectives have changed and thanks to the arrival of e-learning for language training, teachers have at their disposal a variety of technological resources and interactive content to make their classes more dynamic and attractive, having the student learn while having fun with the practical exercises (learning by doing).


Dexway e-learning courses enhance the classroom and encourage students throughout the course

It is clear that maintaining motivation is the key to finalizing a language course, but what motivates us in the first instance to learn a second language?

For more than 50 years we have been talking about two types of motivation in language learning: the integrator (to interact and be part of a community) and the instrumental (for more practical purposes, such as meeting an academic requirement or getting a job).

Authors J. Schuman and N. Lee, in their study for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on neurobiology and language learning, point out that when one learns a second language, one type of motivation does not predominate over another, but rather that it’s a mixture of both, the integrator and the instrumental.

However, the motivational process is dynamic, which means, the student can start the course with full interest, then a few classes later, gets demotivated and abandons the course. This is where the placement of the teacher and the teaching methodology come into play. Both factors can optimize or inhibit learning. Dexway has developed e-learning courses that enhance the on-site format, becoming the teacher’s support in the classroom and focused on maintaining student interest throughout the course.

These courses work the linguistic competences of the students with a curricular focus, that is, prioritizing the educational aspects and following the CEFR. They adapt to different educational levels:

  • Dexway English K-12 Beginner: With contents and virtual environment adapted to an audience that ranges between 7 and 12 years of age.
  • Dexway English K-12 Intermediate (Low, Mid, High): Prepared to cover the last six years of regulated education. They include exclusive lessons in which culture is dealt with at a global level, reflecting on historical personalities and reviewing subjects from other subjects such as science, art or geography to link the study of English with the rest of the curriculum.
  • Dexway Classroom Companion: USA/UK English versions for levels A1, A2, B1, B2 y C1. French version for levels: A1, A2, B1, B2 y C1.


These courses have special characteristics that ensure that students’ motivation remains until they complete the course:


How to maintain the students’ interest through Dexway


#1 Maintains the pace of the class

Thanks to the additional reinforcement exercise, the students who lag the most can resume the pace of the class and avoid losing motivation because they are lost. In addition, the teacher has complete freedom to set up the online course and unlocking lessons as they are taught in the classroom, if deemed appropriate. In this way students can review those aspects they deem appropriate or practice at any time of the day and anywhere, with or without connection, downloading the content prior through the Dexway App.


#2 Interactive and structured content

The activities to be carried out by the students are 100% interactive, with multimedia content for a live interaction. In addition, the lessons are structured for a progressive learning and without gaps. The interface design of Dexway courses is original and visually attractive and intuitive.


#3 Complete linguistic immersion to maintain the students’ interest

The student always learns through practice, through association and repetition. Daily situations and real contexts that arouse interest and require the active participation of the student are recreated.


#4 Fully customizable

As we pointed out previously, the teacher can modify the content to adapt it to his way of teaching and above all to the needs of his students. This makes the lessons adapt perfectly to the class level.


#5 Gamification

It is proven that using rewards as a result of student work generates greater engagement. This feedback received by the student on their level of knowledge serves to build loyalty and encourage them.


#6 Flexibility

The courses can be accessed from any mobile device (PC, smartphones and tablets) at any given moment and location (with or without an internet connection). Dexway utilizes our own internally developed app for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.


Dexway courses for the study planner curriculum are the perfect complement to on-site classes and avoid dropouts, keeping students happy and motivated throughout the course. The teacher has a more protagonist role than ever and the students learn inside and outside the classroom in a dynamic way.


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