Some of the fears that educational centers and organizations have when implementing a blended learning or self-learning language strategy are related to the doubts that arise if the students are really learning with a mixed methodology and how to measure it. The answers to all these doubts are found in the educational platforms and all the advantages they offer to provide teachers and tutors with all kinds of information about students in the most complete and fastest way.
There are many features of an e-learning platform that help to check if students are learning in an online language course. They highlight its advantages when it comes to recording student progress and assessing its progress in real time. Thanks to these tools, you can easily access complete reports in which you can easily see the performance of each student and each group.

Blended Learning Students


Guarantee of students learning in Dexway courses

The Dexway language courses, CAE‘s language division, guarantees the learning of its students thanks to a structured and progressive content that is governed by the regulations of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). Its methodology helps students to advance through the syllabus from 0 to 100%, without gaps, and placing them in everyday contexts that help them learn as a native, in real situations.


# 1 Registration and tracking

The Voluxion educational platform records the students’ progress in the exercises, tests, additional activities and even in the virtual community. Dexway is available 24 hours a day to practice with a flexible schedule.


# 2 Automatic evaluation in real time

Performance results in the exercises and partial and final tests are available in real time. In this way students and teachers know immediately if the student is learning in the course or if there are difficulties with the syllabus. This information can be used by the teacher to recommend, review exercises or add practice exercises to improve directly in the necessary areas.


# 3 Gamification

A high percentage of the fears about the courses are about the engagement that the courses generate with the students. Dexway courses incorporate a gamified evaluation system to ensure that students maintain the motivation from the first to the last day. The system works with stars, trophy’s and medals that the student achieves in relation to their aptitude in the course and the effort and time dedicated to improve. In addition, classification tables are included by groups, so that they can know in which position of the ranking they are so they can try to improve.


# 4 Online classes with VCR

Human interaction is perhaps the greatest difference between face-to-face and online courses. Whether blended or 100% self-formative, integrating live virtual classes will improve attendance of the courses and students will feel closer to the tutors. Dexway virtual classrooms record time in the class and allow attendees to evaluate and transfer all information directly to the course. In addition, classes can be recorded to integrate them into the course this allows students with restricted schedules to watch at any time.


Fears of blended learning students

It is not a feeling that only the centers express but the students also have their own fears the first time they approach an e-learning method. Among the most frequent students there is an aptitude for technology, methodology, time and access to teachers, as the article points out: “Apprehensive About Online Learning? Here’s Why Do not Have To Be “, published by the Colorado State University (United States).

To ensure student learning, add flexibility to your center and respond adequately to the fears of blended learning students, it is important to rely on a specialized software and a proven method, such as Dexway courses.



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