How to motivate the employees that started their professional careers after year 2000 requires imagination and thinking out the box. The research of Society for Human Resources named training, offering answers, giving autonomy and developing opportunities as the tools to motivate the new generation of employees. Other experts added to this list the use of social network and other virtual communications tools, as e-mail. The consulting company PwC reflected in 2011 that 41% of the persons prefer to communicate with other people via electronic devices and that 75% of them feel more efficient when using electronic devices in their jobs.

The combination of these figures shows us that a very motivating factor for your workforce is offering training based on technologies, this means, elearning. In this sense, dexway is a very attractive solution for companies looking for the best training, as our LMS platform integrates virtual classroom, one2one tool, studygroups through videocall and adaptation of the courses to iPads and tablets, as well as several app’s designed for smartphones.