Teachers with a language teaching platform as complete as Dexway’s are perfectly aware of all the advantages it entails for their teaching activity. There are many reasons to hire an e-learning platform that facilitates educational work and combines teachers’ and educational centers’ efforts.

However, it is also important to talk about the advantages of an educational platform for students and how it helps them learn languages ​​in an effective and entertaining way, thus achieving better results in their learning.

Students learn with a language teaching platform in a classroom

What does a language e-learning platform offer students?

Whether their courses are taught in-person, online, or blended (hybrid teaching), the Dexway platform has a number of useful features for students.

Here are some of the primary benefits:


Assistance and support

The platform includes Dexway Analytics, a powerful tool that collects data on student behavior in the course and provides useful information so that teachers can guide classes optimally. Thus, individual and group progress can be known to provide the necessary assistance whenever it is needed.

This prevents students from feeling lost. As is well known, some students find it difficult to ask for help when they are having difficulties, but if the teacher has the possibility to detect these situations, students are able to be supported even when they do not express their academic concerns.


A space to test your knowledge

Our language teaching platform is designed to promote participation, interaction, and self-learning. Therefore, it is a place where students continuously practice what they have learned and the knowledge acquired in each lesson.

In this sense, it offers a safe space in which the student can practice, get answers right and make mistakes freely.


Learn languages ​​with the Dexway method

We have designed a language teaching method resulting from the experience of our team specialized in language training and Edtech.

The Dexway methodology is characterized by a learning environment that recreates realistic communicative situations in a language, to work on all the language skills that need to be developed.

In this way, students manage to perfect the necessary skills to handle different situations in real life, both personally and professionally. Likewise, they feel that what they are learning is truly useful for their lives.

On the other hand, the Dexway method is based on the foundations of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). Therefore, learners who study under this standardization of skill requirements will be preparing themselves so that in the future, whenever they wish, are able to accredit their level through the Dexway language certification.


Gamification fuels motivation

The different Dexway and CAE e-learning solutions rely on gamification to keep users motivated throughout the course. Gamification in teaching helps to make teaching units enjoyable and to learn while having fun.

In addition, fun teaching fosters a positive classroom experience that promotes memory and knowledge retention.


Being aware of progress

There is nothing better than students taking charge of their learning so that they get involved in their own progress. That is one of the main objectives of carrying out the progress tests provided by the platform.

Self-assessment helps us to be aware of progress and when it becomes evident, it keeps us motivated and fuels the desire to keep learning. On the other hand, when the result of a progress test is negative, they serve as an alarm to increase commitment and performance to overcome difficulties.

In short, for students, taking these tests works as a self-regulation system. It allows them to know how they are doing and what path to follow to get the course on track. In this regard, it promotes responsibility, an important value to instill when working with young people.


Linguistic immersion in the oral language

Probably, for many students when it comes to learning languages, the most difficult thing is speaking. It is not surprising since many factors intervene such as mental agility, pronunciation, or shyness, among others.

However, being able to speak is key to truly mastering a foreign language. Therefore, Dexway educational solutions are based on language immersion and include a variety of exercises and oral communication opportunities. Students can take advantage of conversation groups, language labs, and other activities designed to develop listening and speaking skills.



As you have seen, a language teaching platform has as many benefits for students as it does for teachers. For this reason, more and more educational centers and schools around the world decide to incorporate the Dexway platform into their educational project.

Want to know much more? Contact us and our e-learning experts team will be able to advise you in a personalized way.


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