More and more students decide to go outside our borders to discover the world, but above all to learn a new language, and what better way to learn it than to spend time in the countries where they speak for a complete linguistic immersion. English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, etc. are some of the languages that students of the 21st century seek to learn or improve when they attend a student exchange agency or the international department of their universities.

During the stay in the country of origin of the language, the student will learn it 100% if he tries, however many of the students who decide to go outside for a few months to learn a language do not have a linguistic basis, so an effective option is to prepare and deepen the language through an online course.




Why choose an online course as a complement to language learning?


#1 The perfect language complement before and during the stay at the destination

The student exchange programs or “study abroad” have the objective that the student learns a language by attending a classroom course in most cases in the country of destination. At the same time, they make their lives with the culture in the language in question. In preparation for the trip an online language course can lay the groundwork for safer travel to the new destination. And on the other hand, reinforce language learning based on their level outside the classroom when not attending their classes, the student will go much more prepared, motivated and safe to their new course in the language of the country of destination.

#2 Accessibility, flexibility, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

During the exchange the student can study and review what they have learned in the classroom, probably through the material and books they provide. But spending more hours is not always easy, and willpower is vital in this regard. Interactive language courses favor accessibility from any site and from any mobile device creating a much more entertaining and motivating environment for the student, who has already spent 5 hours in class working the language. Flexible language courses based on student availability and commitment, without schedules and when they want in a simple way.


#3 Language level improvement and preparation for the final exams or tests of the course

An online language course allows the student to carry out a 360º language preparation. On the one hand they will attend their on-site classroom classes and on the other, they will deepen and work at their own pace the language outside the classroom, reviewing and reinforcing those concepts and objectives that cost him the most. In this way the student effectively improves their level and is more prepared for the final tests of the course they are taking outside their country with their exchange program.


#4 Interactive multimedia contents that stimulate learning

As we well know, traditional teaching does not always motivate the student to rely on the online language course by learning the language through new technologies with interactive online content to stimulate and motivate their learning.

The student will attend the classes of the student exchange course but also reinforce the learning of the language through the online course, in short, they will learn through a blended learning model, that today is the most effective pedagogical model.

In short, student exchange agencies boost their internationalization and help them learn new languages and cultures through their stay in another country but attending an in-person course is much more effective if the student also relies on an online course in languages.


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