In the last decade, it has become apparent that the selection of the language teaching methodology makes a difference in the results obtained by the students. We are not talking about the grades, but about the actual abilities developed to communicate in a foreign language.

We live in a globalized world in which every day it is more important to master other languages. Before learning languages ​​was optional, today it is an absolute must.

Given this context, we must be able to provide students with the educational tools that allow them to successfully perform in those languages ​​that the educational and/or professional environment requires. It is, therefore, to prepare students for the future.

Hence the creation of a language teaching methodology arises seeking to provide answers and solutions to the difficulties analyzed in foreign language acquisition.

Students in a language classroom learning with the Dexway method


Key factors that explain the Dexway method success for language learning

At Dexway, we have developed a language teaching method that stems from our more than 40 years of experience in educational technology and language learning. To date, over 1800 companies and educational institutions have enjoyed the benefits of adopting our e-learning methodology.

Let us see the pillars that support the Dexway method success:  

Interaction and engagement

The lessons and activities that are part of the LMS Dexway platform are designed to encourage continuous student interaction and participation.

The platform prevents students from adopting a passive role in their learning. This makes them active actors in their education and progress inside and outside the classroom. In this way, apart from keeping students interested in the subject, it makes them more responsible for their training.

Nothing should make us think that teaching that relies on an educational platform leads to solitary learning since it creates work groups to facilitate collaboration while promoting cooperation and integration.


Emulation of real-life situations

This platform provides an educational environment inspired by real and current situations which represent what a student can find when learning a new language. 

Therefore, this platform provides practical and applied education. That is, all the knowledge acquired in each of the lessons is linked to different activities that allow students to put into practice what is being learned. 

In this way, once students have completed their language course, they would be able to travel to a country where the language they have studied is spoken and work in everyday academic and professional environments.


All skills are encompassed

Speaking and listening skills have been one of the greatest difficulties faced by students who studied with traditional language teaching methodologies. These have been heavily based on memorizing grammar and vocabulary, leaving behind oral language practice. 

However, it is essential to master speaking skills to feel confident when talking.

For this purpose, the Dexway methodology is fundamentally practical and addresses in depth all language skills: writing and reading skills, and at the same level of importance, speaking and listening skills

One cannot speak of mastery of a language if there are shortcomings in one of the four skills.


Gamification y motivation

We strongly believe that the gamification of teaching plays an important role in students’ motivation and awareness of their progress.

Students’ motivation is an engine that drives them to want to continue learning and progressing. For this reason, teachers make so many efforts to keep that driving force on track.

The gamification features included in our e-learning solutions provide help for teachers to make classes and lessons more enjoyable and for students to challenge themselves.

Progress follow-up

Can you imagine a platform that allows you to see the progress of the class and each student individually? At Dexway you will see not only students’ progress but also their dedication and interaction. All this, individually and collectively thanks to Dexway Analytics, the built-in tool that provides valuable data.

Likewise, students are given the opportunity to observe their progress and see those areas that need to be improved.

The Dexway method has been consolidated as a language teaching methodology with extensive guarantees and high reliability. If you are looking for a language teaching platform with the possibility of In-person, blended learning, flipped classroom, or an online modality, contact our team of experts. They will be able to advise you in a personalized way on which options fit your educational institution or teaching center best.


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