The video content of the American Dexway language courses has been updated to modernize their image and introduce more current topics. As in the previous seasons, a group of American professional actors and actresses have been selected for these, giving life to revised scripts by our linguistic and pedagogy departments.

Frame of video content in American Dexway courses

Typical situations: familiar contexts for a complete immersion.

The videos included in the American Dexway courses reflect typical contexts that help students immerse themselves in real situations, learning the language as a native would.

In the new seasons, students will accompany the characters in job interviews, their first days in a new job, birthday parties, friends’ meetings, sporting events or order in a restaurant, among many other situations that will allow them to improve their listening and vocabulary, how to learn some customs (how to address bosses and people we already know, etc.).

Frame of video content in American Dexway courses

During the review of the scripts, gender roles have been reviewed to give a more equal image in these new seasons that is the reflection of today’s society. These changes in the plots or the gender of the characters have also meant that some of the exercises of the course have had to be updated by our experts in linguistics and pedagogy.

The video content is already available in the corresponding American Dexway courses with the new Megan O’hara and the new Martin Jones, among others. The stories are still maintained, although the actors and actresses and some nuances of the plot change.

It has been a change with many hours of work behind in design, script, coordination, rehearsal, recording, subtitling, revision … but we are very satisfied with the final result. More knowingly that students are positively evaluating the change, and therefore, will impact in favor of the image of our partners and customers.

Frame of video content in American Dexway courses

In our commitment to maintain a quality standard that allows us to continue to be a reference in the language e-learning sector, we review and expand our Dexway courses every day. Over the next few months new French and German Master classes will also be released with renewed actors and themes.

Dexway courses are based on a pedagogically proven practical method that allows progressive and natural language learning. They stand out for their interactivity, linguistic immersion and effectiveness, as well as for their compatibility with the different e-learning modalities; blended, online, face-to-face and laboratories. Dexway courses meet the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).


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