By adding Dexway Authoring Tool to its range of language learning services, CAE introduces the most powerful subscription in the sector for creating custom language courses simply and effectively using the Dexway methodology, the method that really works.


Dexway Authoring Tool Modificar ejercicios de cualquier cuso Dexway


As a language learning service provider with a commitment to offer state-of-the-art technology and the most innovative teaching methods, including e-learning, blended learning, language labs and face-to-face language learning, CAE has developed new features for its Dexway courses utilizing enrollment-based subscriptions.

Dexway Authoring Tool offers consultants, teachers and tutors the most comprehensive tool to create and customize Dexway language courses, therefore providing access to all of the successful Dexway courses at all available levels.


All Available Dexway Courses

Subscription to the new Dexway Authoring Tool provides access to all versions of the renowned Dexway language courses:

  • Dexway Academy: online language courses configured to develop core language skills naturally and progressively. Communicative and applied approach.
  • Dexway Certificate: courses aimed at obtaining official certificates.
  • Dexway Classroom Companion: the latest addition to the Dexway family is committed to classroom teaching with a proposal that gives teachers full control over contents in the classroom and at home.
  • Dexway Communicate: courses with a communicative and applied approach that prioritize the functional aspects of language.
  • Dexway Professional: courses for students who require language proficiency in professional fields.
  • Dexway specific courses: more than 30 specific modules to supplement any method.

Any of these versions of Dexway language courses can be used as the basis for your custom courses with Dexway Authoring Tool. Thus, it is possible to import Dexway courses that your students or employees are already enrolled in from LMS Voluxion or modify any of the other versions.

As a language-learning service provider, Dexway is committed to offering state-of-the-art advanced technology and the most innovative teaching methods.

Beginning with an online Dexway Academy course, you can customize the syllabus to meet the objectives you wish to achieve during the course. Dexway Authoring Tool allows you to add, delete and rearrange each unit and each exercise within a unit. You can also modify images and audio recordings and customize examples so that they are relatable for your students, as well as share objectives between courses.


Advantages of Accessing All Versions of Dexway Courses

Access to all versions of Dexway courses allows you to offer your students or employees the best language solution for their needs, making it easier to combine multiple versions to set up a custom course that meets your needs with all the functionality and efficiency of Dexway’s proven materials.


#1. Variety of materials

A wider variety of materials are offered by providing access to exercises from different Dexway versions, such as those that focus on the functional aspects of communication or on working proficiently in the professional world.


#2. Combination of objectives

Different versions of Dexway have different objectives and goals. By accessing the objective galleries for all the Dexway courses, you can combine them in order to adapt the course requirements to your students’ needs. Dexway Authoring Tool is versatile in that it allows you to adjust your objectives in real time in order to adapt to your students’ working pace.


#3. Meet different needs

As a general rule, each language learner is at a different level. This difference is noticeable even among classmates who have studied a certain language for the same amount of time. Level tests are carried out at the beginning of each course to ensure that each student starts at the appropriate level.


#4. Collaborative work

If desired, you can also collaborate with others to customize these courses using any of the Dexway versions. All teachers can share their progress and work together to prepare and customize one or more Dexway courses.


Functional and Effective Courses with the Dexway Method

Courses customized with the new Dexway Authoring Tool are functional and effective, the main characteristics of Dexway language courses.

Dexway language courses, the method that really works

The Dexway method is well known for its effectiveness. Based on learning by doing, all the details of the courses have been specifically developed for language teaching. Dexway courses provide teachers and tutors with the most comprehensive tools for online or blended classes, while students will benefit from a unique language learning experience where they will surely have fun while learning. With Dexway Authoring Tool, the possibility of customizing language courses to adapt contents to your students’ needs is now available.

From the format of the interactive and varied exercises, to the system of objectives that automatically notifies teachers of their students’ progress. Everything is designed to immerse students in a language using a method where they actually learn. This is all included in a system that uses the latest technology such as voice recognition for real-time evaluation of pronunciation, multi-device access even offline, without losing your progress or conversation groups, and virtual classrooms (VCR).


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