A study abroad agency to study languages ​​abroad have a very specific majority audience: those people interested in learning a new language (or improving their level) and wanting to do it in situ. These trips are usually made during the summer season (people take advantage of the summer holidays, when they do not have classes or work) and the rest of the year, the activity drops considerably.

How to change this trend?

There is a way to rethink the business model to generate a more stable turnover throughout the year: adding online courses to your offer.

 Spice your study abroad agency!

Offering online courses as a complement to your trips and classes abroad helps you to build customer loyalty for a longer number of months for your study abroad agency. An exchange program including an English course that begins months before traveling and ends after returning, helps the student prepare for their stay at the destination, gaining confidence as they progress in their language study. It is just as important if it is a totally new language, as if they are looking for improvement. In this way, their experience will be more positive and that affects the effectiveness of your service.


Advantages of adding online courses

  • Customer loyalty (more months).
  • New clients looking to go a step beyond their stay can find everything they are looking for in the same agency they trust, without having to hire a second academy.
  • More complete service.
  • Improving the offer also improves the image of the agency.
  • In 100% self-study courses you do not need to hire teachers.
  • Your agency can keep track of progress and completion with complete reports that can be downloaded from the LMS.


Dexway has several courses suitable for 100% self-study, which do not require face-to-face classes or tutoring thanks to its proactive and reactive e-coaching with scheduled communications, conversation rooms, student community and gamification.


Expand your study abroad agency business with Dexway courses


Dexway Communicate

For students with a clear objective of improving their oral skills or focusing their efforts towards that goal, Dexway’s Communicate courses in UK / US English, French, Spanish and German work on the most practical aspects of the language, focusing on oral expression in real and everyday situations. This allows the student to quickly transfer what has been learned into practice, something really useful during their exchange.

Dexway Communicate courses meet the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and are divided into several levels from A1 to C1.


Dexway Certificate

For clients who travel to Anglo-Saxon countries such as England, Canada, or the United States to learn English, Dexway’s Certificate courses are the most complete in our catalog. They are designed so that students can take the official exams (TOEFL, Cambridge) at these levels after having passed the corresponding Dexway Certificate level.

Dexway Certificate has British English and American English courses at various levels going from A1 to C1.


Dexway Specifics

On many occasions, agencies deal with professionals who need to improve their language level for work. In these cases, it can be very useful to offer them a course that develops the vocabulary specific to their profession. Dexway Specifics presents more than 30 specialized sector modules for healthcare, hospitality, the armed forces, finance, business, insurance, tourism, catering…


You can expand the information on these courses and the other Dexway versions here. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists to expand this information and open your exchange agency to new options.


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