When it comes to learning a new language for business, versatility is important. Learning a new language is likely to be incredibly rewarding but it can also be time intensive. Because of this, it makes sense to choose the language that will give the biggest advantage going forwards.


Online English Courses


Many professionals and students alike choose to learn to speak English. Let’s start with some facts that may explain why this is:

  • Between 330 and 360 million people worldwide have English as their first language
  • By native speakers, English is the third largest language in the world after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish
  • However, there are a huge number of non-native additional English language speakers. Estimates put the exact number anywhere between 470 million and a billion
  • Taking these additional non-native speakers into account makes English by far the most spoken language in the world

(Statistics source Wikipedia)

The sheer number of English speakers worldwide make this an incredibly advantageous and versatile language to learn. Many professionals find that a Business English course is a very helpful addition to both their professional CV and their everyday working life.


Why teach English online?

In the past decade eLearning courses have become more and more popular. It’s not difficult to see why. Online courses tend to be more budget-friendly, easier to access, less time consuming, more flexible and more intuitive.

Many education institutions including schools, universities, colleges, language schools and training providers are looking into new ways to teach English online. As a distributor of online English courses, many of these educational establishments are able to reach out to large numbers of potential students.


What do you need to know about effective teaching practices as a distributor of business English courses?

If your organisation is all set to teach English online, you’ll be pleased to know that this is an incredibly successful method. As a distributor of online English courses, you will be well placed to offer students a supportive and educational virtual environment.

One of the most vital digital tools to teach English online is the virtual language lab. Just like it’s physical predecessor, a virtual language lab exists to enable students to practice their speaking and listening language skills. Any distributor of business English courses will know how important it is to give their students as much opportunity as possible to put their lessons into practice.

There are a range of other virtual teaching tools that can be incredibly beneficial for students. These include virtual classrooms, discussion forums, online assessments and virtual campuses.


What’s the best way to offer the benefits of a virtual language lab to your students?

There are many technological practicalities to consider as a distributor of online English courses. Virtual tools such as language labs, virtual classrooms, discussion forums, online assessments and virtual campuses can all be difficult to provide as a distributor of business English courses, especially for smaller educational institutions.

You may be interested to know that there is a very attractive alternative available here. Finding an English lab solutions partner can give even the smallest distributor of online English courses a real head start to teach English online.


Why find an English lab solutions partner?

Teaming up with an English lab solutions partner such as Dexway can give educational institutions numerous benefits and competitive advantages. This includes:

  • #1. Full briefing on the most successful teaching methodologies
  • #2. Improved prestige
  • #3. Ability to stand out from your competitors
  • #4. Access to the latest technology, without having to commission or maintain it yourself
  • #5. All the advantages of a fully comprehensive digital platform at a fraction of the cost of investing in a fully individually designed option
  • #6. Big improvement in efficiency and effectiveness
  • #7. An increased international appeal

As a distributor of business English courses, it’s also key to keep in mind that an English lab solutions partner can help you give your students an online community they may not have been able to access otherwise. An English lab solutions partner will give you, and by extension your students, access to a virtual campus that’s shared with course distributors across the globe.

Simply put, each distributor of online English courses will be able to offer their students access to a wider digital community. This includes the virtual language lab, including the option for students to video chat with each other and practice speaking and listening skills.

Language Labs English Courses


Is working with an English lab solutions partner likely to be right for you?

If you’re a distributor of online English courses looking to expand your remit and improve your appeal, connecting with an English lab solutions partner could be the ideal way to do so. Why not take a closer look at what we could offer you as a corporate business, secondary and higher education establishment, language school or library?


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